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Article: Decorating makes us all happy

Schmücken macht uns alle glücklich

Decorating makes us all happy

You have to be able to be lucky. Yes.

I definitely think so. Happiness is a feeling, something that you feel and know deep inside. But you can learn it and strengthen it. You can focus on the happy moments of your day and thus allow and increase happiness.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What makes me happy?
  • What activity makes me happy?
  • Which people make me happy?
  • Which places make me happy?
  • Is there a place where I am always happy?
  • When was the last time I was happy?
  • How does happiness feel to me?

Decorating makes us all happy

Decorating makes us all happy

I read a book some time ago. It gave a very clear example. Sit down at the end of your day and go through it. What did you experience? How was your day? What encounters did you have? You will probably associate different feelings and impressions with the situations. Then go and pick out an experience that made you happy. A walk, the laughter of your children when you came home from school, praise from your boss at work, or your husband bringing you the great ring for your anniversary that you admired so much on your last stroll through town.

Decorating makes us all happy

Take this one experience and really imagine it again. Experience the feeling of happiness you had. That warm wave, that tingling, that good feeling in your stomach. Make it really, really big inside you. How do you feel afterwards? How do you feel? How do you view the rest of the day, which was probably not only filled with moments of happiness? I then feel a calm, comfortable mood inside and I feel good. Yes, happy.

If I do this every day from now on, these experiences will become more and more frequent. Happiness will become bigger and more tangible. It will wash over me, it will wash over me, I will multiply the moments of happiness more and more.

Decorating makes you happy

For me, it's also a good thing that I was lucky enough to have found my calling - and still am. Designing and making jewelry. Jewelry that inspires me and makes me happy. That's why I quickly came up with the saying: "Decoration makes you happy." Yes. That's exactly how I feel. Because every piece of jewelry I own makes me happy, and not because of its material value. No.

Decorating makes us all happy

The pieces of jewelry I have made make me happy when I think about them now adorning a new owner. I remember so many nice situations and encounters with customers. At trade fairs and markets, at exhibitions. Yes. This enthusiasm and this joy. But I also think of pieces of jewelry that I have received as gifts. My wedding ring, our wedding rings. I can still remember exactly how we chose them when we picked them up. They turned out exactly as we had imagined. When my husband then put it on my finger. Yes, I like to think about that too and it makes me happy.

A necklace that my mother gave me many years ago. When I was still at school. She had received the necklace from her father. It was the only piece of jewelry he ever gave her. So he chose it alone and not my mother's mother. Every time I put it on, I feel this tingling, this joy. I think of the story, my mother, my grandfather. It makes me happy every time.

I have had such moments of happiness and situations with all the pieces of jewelry that I have received as gifts from loved ones throughout my life. That is why I truly believe:

Decorating makes you happy

If you see it that way too or if you also associate such happy memories with different pieces of jewelry, then I would be happy if you wrote to me.

See you soon

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