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Article: Preview of my 2020

Vorschau auf mein 2020

Preview of my 2020

The year is already quite advanced and we are already in mid-January, but I would still like to share my goals and plans for 2020 with you.

My plans and goals for 2020

I started thinking about this at the end of last year and then attended a great writing workshop run by Julia Rumplmayr and treated myself to a whole day to reflect on the old year and fill the new year with ideas and plans.

I would now like to share some of these thoughts with you.

January makes everything new

As I mentioned in my review, 2019 was my year in which I tried out different things with my webshop and was not entirely happy with some of the results.

That is going to change now and I will change the system again, or have already done so in part, and merge my two existing sites and then leave it like that for a very long time. I now have enough experience with shop systems and different hosts and everything that goes with them. I have drawn my conclusions from this and formed my own opinion and realized that it will never be perfect. It will never be exactly as I want it to be, down to the smallest detail. Every system has its strengths and weaknesses and I am giving up the search for the "jack of all trades"!

I have found a system that I am very happy with and that is what I want to work with and that I want to stick with.

Better done than perfect

That is one of my mottos for the year. I recently came across this saying, which we have probably read many times before, and some people celebrate this motto and some say - that's just not possible. Everything has to be perfect before it goes out.

Well, up until now I have definitely been part of the group that thinks everything HAS to be perfect, ideally 110%, before I release it, before anyone sees it. But in truth, that often stops me from doing anything. It stops me from starting something because I think to myself that I won't be able to do it 100% anyway. That's why it also inhibits my productivity.

That shouldn't happen and that's why I want to say "better done than perfect" more often this year. That doesn't mean that we're sloppy or that we're not working carefully. No. For me, it's just about rethinking and speeding things up without compromising on quality. Because spending hours looking for the perfect blog post image or endlessly editing product images without really seeing measurable and noticeable changes doesn't help anyone.

But things like this happen to me sometimes and I want to stop and say: “Better done than perfect.”

Listen to your gut feeling

Yes, this motto will also accompany me in 2020. I want to listen more to my inner self again. Because as I was able to reflect, many "failures" were due to the fact that I did NOT listen to my gut feeling.

Workshops and trying new things

I love trying new things and meeting new people. That's why I want to give myself more time for new techniques and ideas in 2020.

I started with my writing workshop with Julia Rumplmayr, which was really inspiring and very nice. Taking time for your own thoughts and ideas. Allowing myself time just for myself - that's definitely something I want to continue in 2020.

Another goal that is linked to this is to make more time for social contacts, i.e. friends. Somehow I often get carried away by my daily work routine and simply forget to actively arrange something and meet up again. I really enjoy working because I have found my calling in my jewelry work, so it doesn't feel like work and I could work on it every day and all the time.

But it also feels so good to consciously make time for contact with friends, as well as a visit to a cabaret with my husband or a wellness weekend.

Yoga and meditation

My back can be happy. I want to make yoga and meditation a regular part of my daily routine again. It did me so much good in 2018 when I did it very regularly. Unfortunately, in 2019 I overlooked how important and good it is for me. Because I often sit for very long periods of time and because of my height, my back often really hurts and that's why I discovered yoga for myself in 2017. It just feels good. I started taking part in a yoga challenge at the beginning of the year and I also go to a yoga class every week.

NEW jewelry and new techniques

One of the most important goals and plans is right at the end! I want to make more new pieces of jewelry. I want to turn the many ideas I have in my head or written down in my sketchbooks into real pieces of jewelry.

I've also decided to experiment and play with new techniques and maybe even materials. So it's worth sticking with it, there will be lots of new pieces of jewelry coming.

So I've now revealed some of my plans and ideas for the coming year and have committed myself to sticking with them. The year is still young and I'm full of ideas and a lot of drive.

See you soon!

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