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Article: Customer request: Gold bracelet of four-leaf clover

Kundenwunsch: Gold Armband vom vierblättrigen Kleeblatt

Customer request: Gold bracelet of four-leaf clover

Today I would like to show you a really great customer order: A four-leaf clover made into a bracelet in gold .

Customer request: Four-leaf clover as a bracelet plated in gold

A very special customer request

I am honestly really proud of this piece of jewelry because it has turned out to be quite extraordinary.

At the end of autumn, the lady sent me some clovers because she was so lucky and had found so many. Unfortunately, some of the leaves were damaged in transit because the temperatures in November were already pretty freezing. The cold caused the delicate clovers that she had packed in plastic bags to all curl up. Only the ones that she had packed in small plastic containers withstood the cold and were in pretty good condition.

The most important thing is that the leaves are always fresh. If they are damaged or dried out, then unfortunately I can no longer process them.

Two clover leaves turned into great silver pendants and she wanted to have one made into a bracelet.

Customer request: Gold bracelet of four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover bracelet plated in gold

It was a bit tricky to attach the thin, fine clover leaf to a hook for the bracelet. After a bit of trial and error, I finally managed it and once the leaf was finished in silver, it was then plated with 24 carat gold.

Why gold plated?

Gold plating is a much thicker form of “gold plating”. With gold plating, only a very thin and delicate layer is applied to the piece of jewelry, whereas with gold plating, the layer is many times thicker and therefore much more durable.

After I got the leaf back from the galvanizer, I added the bracelets and it arrived at its new owner.

Customer request: Gold bracelet of four-leaf clover

I always find such customer requests very exciting and great. I can refine someone's own leaf that they found themselves and the customer then has their very own unique piece.

If you would like to have your own leaf made into a piece of jewelry, please contact me and I will also make your dream piece of jewelry.

See you soon!

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