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Article: handmade jewelry Hamburg 2023

handgefertigter Schmuck Hamburg 2023

handmade jewelry Hamburg 2023

A few years ago we went to Hamburg on our summer vacation and we really enjoyed it. Hamburg is a beautiful city with great squares and lots of water.

In addition, Hamburg also offers a variety of jewelry artists who create beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry.

I would like to introduce some of them to you today and if you are from Hamburg or live nearby, you can visit them.

Thomas Becker

creates high-quality, hand-made jewelry from eco+fair precious metals. Individual handwork is on the daily agenda here.

Jens Buddenberg

The focus is on handmade jewelry in yellow gold, white gold, rose and red gold, platinum and silver as well as jewelry alterations, repairs and restorations.

Gallery SchmuckSchmiede

Gallery and workshop in one!
Handcrafted unique pieces: art pieces - jewelry - body jewelry and jewelry objects.


Her profession: Heartfelt concerns in jewelry, engagement rings as a heartfelt message and wedding rings as a love story.

Charming jewelry

After training as a goldsmith in Hamburg, Alva Schurawitzki founded her own workshop in 2014, where she creates extraordinary pieces of jewelry in silver, gold and platinum.

Sensory workshop

Here Kristina Köllner makes all classic goldsmith work such as wedding rings, wedding bands, rings, necklaces, earrings, amulets, etc. and is happy to advise you on the possibilities for implementing your individual wishes in order to create your very own personal piece of jewelry.

Of course, there are many more great goldsmiths and jewelry artists in Hamburg, but these 6 immediately caught my eye and that's why I wanted to share them with you.

Handmade jewelry

If the journey to Hamburg is too far for you, you also have the opportunity to get completely unique pieces of jewelry from me.

Come to my shop now and browse through a large number of unique, nature-inspired jewelry pieces.

handmade jewelry goodrun

The sage leaf ring you see in this picture is a very unique piece of jewelry. It is taken directly from the real leaf and each one is a unique, handmade piece.

You can find more facts about this unique piece of jewelry here.

handmade jewelry goodrun

To match the sage leaf ring , there is also a large number of earrings made of real leaves. You can choose between a wide variety of leaves such as nettle, linden, vine leaf, ginkgo ...

Find the matching handmade earrings in silver, bronze or gold plated here.

handmade jewelry goodrun

You will also find a large number of leaf pendants with me. I make pendants in silver , bronze and silver gold plated from a wide variety of leaves.

Choose your favorite leaf and decorate yourself with it!

I look forward to your visit to my online shop .

See you soon!

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