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Article: Silver or bronze, which suits you?

Silber oder Bronze – was steht dir?

Silver or bronze, which suits you?

Today we want to look at the question: what suits you better, silver or bronze? People often ask me at my stand: what suits me better? Silver or bronze? It all depends on your skin type. Roughly speaking, there are two different skin types. To be more precise, warm and cold skin types and a few exceptions that suit everything!

Silver or bronze – which suits you?

Silver or bronze – which suits you?

How can you easily determine your skin type?

Look at the underside of your wrists in good daylight if possible. Look closely at your veins and now you have to evaluate the color. If your veins on your wrist shimmer more bluish, then you are the silver type. But if your veins shimmer more greenish, then bronze suits you better. It's actually quite easy to find out. Then there is the "neutral" type. Because if your veins shimmer more in a mixture of blue, green and pink-purple, then both silver and bronze suit you! So let's get started! Go to the window and take a look.

Silver or bronze – which suits you?

More precise classification into 4 different skin types

But we want to look at the whole thing a little more closely to find out whether you are the silver or bronze type. There are basically 4 different skin types: spring type, summer type, autumn type and winter type. Yes, it's very easy to do based on the 4 seasons. That makes it really easy to remember! But there are always 2 types that are similar: summer type and winter type are a pair and the spring type with the autumn type. If we imagine the seasons as a circle, it's always the opposite ones that belong together. Actually, it's really easy to remember.

Silver or bronze – which suits you?

Let’s now take a closer look at the different skin types:

Spring type

These people have a delicate, rather warm complexion, often with freckles. They usually have dark blonde or reddish hair. Spring hair always shimmers golden in the sunshine! Fresh, bright colors suit the spring type. Above all, they should be clear and not muted. Warm colors therefore suit the spring type very well. I therefore recommend bronze for the spring type. The warm and earthy character of bronze underlines the golden character of the spring type very beautifully.

Summer type

These people have very light skin, often with a bluish or pink undertone. The hair of the summer type is usually blonde or dark blonde, but sometimes brown. The eye color of the summer type is clear blue, blue-gray, gray-green, but also hazelnut or dark brown. These types like muted colors or colors that have a blue base. They are the cooler color types, so silver suits the summer type very well.

Autumn type

This type has a warm skin tone with a yellowish undertone and often freckles. There are also autumn types who tan well. Eye colors range from brown tones to olive green and also blue. Hair is usually brown or dark blonde. Warm colors also suit the autumn type. This is what they have in common with the spring type, so as an autumn type you can wear bronze very well.

Winter type

The winter type is again a cool skin type with either olive-colored and dark skin or very light, almost white skin. We know a “famous” fairy tale character after whom this type is often named: Snow White! The hair color is usually dark brown or black. The winter type is more suited to cold but also bright colors and should therefore choose silver for jewelry.

That's actually quite easy to remember. When it comes to jewelry, whether you're a silver or bronze type, there are only two things to remember. You either have cool or warm skin. If you have cool skin, then you'll naturally go for the cool metal color, i.e. silver. But if you have warm skin, then wear bronze.

Silver or bronze – which suits you?

Silver or bronze type – or whatever suits you!

But as I said, there are also mixed types who can wear both metals or even combine them. Of course, it also always depends on your clothing and the overall look. Because we rarely wear the jewelry just to leave the house!

When trying on and combining your pieces of jewelry, always pay attention to which color of jewelry makes you shine and which makes you look pale and almost sick? This is also a very easy way to find out whether you are the silver or bronze type.

Because in the end, you can always wear whatever you like and you should choose what appeals to you and what you feel comfortable with. So let yourself be inspired by this distinction and try it out for yourself, but then choose the pieces of jewelry that make you happy.

See you soon!

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