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Article: Handmade wedding rings: a custom-made product

handgefertigte Eheringe - eine Wunschanfertigung

Handmade wedding rings: a custom-made product

Every year, several couples who have decided to get married come to me to have their wedding rings made.

Handmade wedding rings

That's why I've been able to create some very individual and unique rings. When it comes to wedding rings, everything is allowed, nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed, there are no real rules

handmade wedding rings - a custom-made product

Perhaps one of the few fixed components, although this is not universally valid, is the closed nature of the ring, i.e. its round and connected shape.

Since the circle has no beginning and no end and is a symbol of infinity, it is a very good fit for the marriage bond.

Wedding rings have been around for a very long time if we look back in time. Even today, it is not really possible to determine their exact origin. But even in ancient times and among the Egyptians and Romans, rings were exchanged between newlyweds.

handmade wedding rings with the structure of coral

In Austria, as in Germany, Norway and some other countries, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Although this has apparently only been the case since the 16th century. Before that, the ring finger of the left hand was considered the place for the wedding ring and for a very good reason. Because the left hand is known to be closer to our heart and is supposed to strengthen the bond even more.

Appearance and material of wedding rings

There are no rules for the look and material of wedding rings (at most the closed form, as mentioned above). Whatever you like is beautiful. It should also be the choice of the future spouses to create their own symbol for the future marriage.

In my work as an artist and at trade fairs and markets, I have been shown a wide variety of wedding rings. Rings made of fabric or plastic, very unique compositions made of metal, depending on what symbol the couple has chosen.

handmade wedding rings with a stone structure

But when couples find their way to me, it is always a handmade wedding ring with natural character in silver or bronze

I am always happy to make wedding rings for future couples and to support them on their new path together.

Sometimes it has happened that the spouses wanted rings made of different materials. Just because you are planning to spend your life together doesn't mean that your tastes have to be exactly the same. But usually the ring should at least have the same shape or structure to represent the bond in the ring.

Wedding rings made from a sage leaf

Some time ago I was able to make a handmade wedding ring out of a sage leaf. I split a sage leaf in half and made two rings on it. Of course I closed the sage leaves and also increased the thickness of the rings to give the sage leaf rings more stability. But the whole thing was only possible because the future spouses had a very similar ring size, otherwise the leaf length would not have worked out so well.

Wedding rings with grass structure

handmade wedding rings with a grass structure

Wedding rings with the surface structure of grass are also fantastically beautiful. I was able to make a really great pair out of bronze and silver. The bride-to-be chose the ring in bronze and wanted three small stones for the ring, while her partner chose silver for his ring. The two rings go together wonderfully because of the same structure, but are also completely individual.

Natural Rings as wedding rings

handmade wedding rings with an organic structure

I have also had the opportunity to make very simply structured rings with a natural structure as wedding rings. These work in both silver and bronze. Of course, they come in the width that the couple wants.

Handmade wedding rings with a birch bark structure

handmade wedding rings with a birch bark structure

The rings with a birch bark structure in silver are very popular. I have made these a few times for married couples in a variety of thicknesses and structures. They are very structured and irregular rings with a surface reminiscent of birch bark. The almost white color of the silver also supports this look.

Stone rings as wedding rings

handmade wedding rings with stone structure in bronze

I have also been able to make my stone rings into handmade wedding rings. Stone rings are often very popular with men because of their square shape. The stone rings have a very coarsely structured shape on the outside and are also square. On the inside, however, they are completely round and almost soft to wear.

Wedding rings with tree bark structures

handmade wedding rings with tree bark structure

I have had the opportunity to make wedding rings with a tree bark structure a few times, as here for Michaela and Matthias. The structure of these rings is inspired by tree bark and the rings are also transferred. Despite the rough outer shape, they are very comfortable to wear because they are very smooth and soft on the inside. In this case, the material is also mixed.

As you can see, there are countless ways to create a completely individual and handmade wedding ring for you. If you would like to have a unique piece for this very personal moment, then please contact me and we will find the perfect wedding ring for you.

See you soon!

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