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Article: Behind the scenes at goodrun

Hinter den Kulissen von goodrun

Behind the scenes at goodrun

This will probably sound familiar to most people: You get up in the morning and get ready for the day, then you go or drive to work, and a few moments later you are sitting at home eating dinner and have once again forgotten to do something that you have been putting off for a long time.

Well, that's exactly how I feel at the moment. I've been wanting to write an article for you about my everyday work life for a while. But I'm usually so caught up in other tasks that I keep forgetting.


But today we are finally making up for it.

a look behind the scenes

Maybe you know that I live and work in a small town in Upper Austria, more precisely in Altenberg near Linz. We are very lucky to have lots of greenery around us. I love that, I've become a country child now, even though I grew up in Linz (yes, that was more on the outskirts of the city) and also studied in Munich for 3 years. I love nature and, above all, peace and quiet.

Behind the scenes

I don't have to get in the car to get to my work, I just have to go downstairs to get to my studio with an attached workshop.

You can also contact me here by appointment visit and as you wish all my rings try it on, just as you like!

I really enjoy sitting here in the studio in peace and quiet and working on new pieces of jewelry. After walking with my bike for an hour in the morning across meadows and through forests, I head straight to the studio. Depending on the situation, inquiries are answered, products are photographed (to make use of the daylight), texts are written, or new pieces of jewelry are made and packaged.

Jewellery according to your wishes

I also create jewelry on customer request in my natural style, wedding rings too . If you want to know more or want to browse further, then take a look at past or Feel free to write me a message with your ideas.

Leaf pendant from your own leaf

I have often had the opportunity to make leaf pendants or earrings for one or another customer. You can find out more about it here.

At lunchtime we have a break, or rather, when my two boys come home from school we eat together and the afternoon is often dedicated to family activities.

Behind the scenes

In the evenings, I often go back to the studio to finish orders or edit photos.

I love this flexible work and really appreciate being able to organize my time freely, even if I sometimes feel like a juggler with five balls.

But then it's time to take a step back again. If the weather is nice, I sit on the terrace for 10 or 15 minutes and observe nature and enjoy the birdsong.

To go a distance

When it rains, I go into the dining room, which has open glass fronts on three sides, and watch the nature in the garden for a few minutes. It feels really good, clears my head and helps me to calm down and find my center again.

What are your tips for not getting lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Multitasking, which was once so highly praised, is not only said to make us sick, but also to burn us out.

Behind the scenes

With this little insight into my day, I would like to wish you a sunny and beautiful time and I am always happy about your comment or feedback, either here by message or on Facebook or Instagram .

See you soon

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