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Article: The beautiful meaning of the ginkgo leaf

die wunderschöne Bedeutung des Ginkgoblatts

The beautiful meaning of the ginkgo leaf

The ginkgo tree is considered the Chinese lucky tree and I now have two ginkgo trees in my garden. They are very small ginkgo trees on a half-trunk, but they are still beautiful and are always a feast for the eyes.

the beautiful meaning of the ginkgo leaf

The wonderful ginkgo leaf

I really love ginkgo leaves. They have such a simple and clear shape and that is precisely what makes them so beautiful. Its distinctive leaves make it such a striking symbol in nature and it is now native to almost all parts of the world. It is considered one of the oldest plants in the world and has been given many additional names over the years: temple tree, thousand-thaler tree, elephant ear tree, etc.

the meaning of Ginkgo

Because this leaf is so simple and beautiful, it can be used so wonderfully for Trailer and Stud earrings or earrings It always looks good and it always fits.

Symbol of hope

I think the story that a lady recently told me at an exhibition is very beautiful. At the end of the Second World War, the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and the plants and trees near the bombing site were completely burned and all nature was destroyed in a wide area. But the ginkgo tree, which was about 1 kilometer from the explosion, survived the bombing without any major damage.

the meaning of Ginkgo

Therefore, it can only be a beautiful symbol if you wear a ginkgo leaf around your neck.

Positive properties on your body

Ginkgo also has wonderful natural healing effects on your health. Drinking the leaf as a tea promotes blood circulation and also improves brain function. If you feel weak and tired, grab a bag of ginkgo leaf tea and you will quickly feel fresher again!

Ginkgo leaf

Symbol of love

The two-part leaves are also a symbol of love and friendship and stand for connection. But also for strength, resilience and longevity.

In Chinese philosophy, the two-part ginkgo leaf unites yin and yang, the gentleness with the life force is united in this one leaf. Therefore, the leaf also stands for all of life.

Ginkgo leaf

Is there a more beautiful symbol that one can Jewel on his body can carry?

See you soon!

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