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Article: Why should you wear a ring?

Warum solltest du einen Ring tragen?

Why should you wear a ring?

Do you like wearing rings?

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring. Yes, I love rings.

That's why you will also find a lot of rings in the online shop because I love them so much and really enjoy making them. Plus, rings are easy to wear and always fit.

why you should wear a ring

If you don't know your ring size, read this article, where you can determine your ring size in 3 minutes.

But now I would like to tell you why you should also wear a ring.

Rings have been worn by people for thousands of years. They are even considered one of the oldest and most common pieces of jewelry.

In the past, rings were made of bone, wood and stone, and later of various metals and stones. Finger rings were a very popular item to wear in a time when there were no mirrors. In order to admire necklaces, necklaces or headdresses, you would have to see your own reflection. But when you wore a ring, you could see and admire it with every movement of your hand and also show off your own status.

why you should wear a ring

Rings were not only considered jewelry, but also a means of exchange or payment. But rings were also considered a certain status symbol and were worn as a symbol of power or honor. They have probably been used since ancient times to symbolize love and togetherness. To this day, the wedding ring or partner ring is a very popular symbol of solidarity.

Today, the material and value of a ring are no longer important. Today, we wear rings to show off our personal style. They are still a popular accessory for men and women.

You can wear one or more rings according to your own ideas if you more of a minimalist are, grab it clear and simple rings .

why you should wear a ring

If you prefer more striking , you choose one or more larger rings . It is also now possible to combine different materials, shapes and metal colors.

Which finger should you wear a ring on

Over time and over the centuries, different meanings for wearing rings have developed. First of all, you can wear rings on both hands. That's entirely up to you. But there are different meanings for each finger.

  • worn on the little finger do not have any great cultural or even religious significance. For some time now, wearing a ring on the little finger has been said to represent more self-love!
  • Worn on the ring finger, the ring stands for love, and in many cultures, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the ring finger
  • Worn on the middle finger, the ring looks very imposing and masculine and thus dominates the hand
  • Rings look great on the index finger. In the past, coat of arms or signet rings were worn on this finger. Eye-catching and wide rings look very nice here.
  • Rings worn on the thumb symbolize wealth and power.

Do wedding rings necessarily belong on the right hand?

In most countries in the western world, wedding rings are actually worn on the left hand. But in Austria, Germany, Norway and a few other countries, married couples wear the ring on the right hand.

why you should wear a ring

One reason for wearing the ring on the right side comes from a Bible quote, in which the right side stands for good. In addition, people often talk about "law and order" or say that something is "legal". This custom is still a tradition today and most married couples wear their rings on the right. But it is by no means compulsory, as there are many exceptions.

At the beginning of our marriage, my husband always wore his ring on his right hand, as is tradition. But after a few strong handshakes and a few open wounds on his finger, he switched hands. I still wear mine on my right hand, though, because I find it more comfortable and I'm also left-handed.

I think it's up to each couple to decide which hand they wear the ring on. They should be completely free to decide and act according to their own wishes and ideas.

See you soon!

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