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Article: This is how I did it

So hab ich’s gemacht

This is how I did it

What was my career path and how did I get here? Inspired by some women's magazine reports, I asked myself a few questions and then answered them for you.

Something a little different than what is perhaps usual. I always find it exciting to ask yourself questions, often you learn a lot about yourself that you rarely think about in everyday life.

The most important lesson of my professional life?

Go your own way, step by step, and you will reach your goals. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to and it is NEVER too much!

What annoys me about my job?

Actually nothing, I have found my calling, or rather turned my "hobby" into a career. The only thing that annoys me sometimes is the setup and dismantling at markets and trade fairs, because that is usually really exhausting and time-consuming. But since I often have support from my husband, it usually goes very well.

What should women learn?

Sticking together and honestly networking, supporting and recognizing each other more, without envy or resentment.

Don't be so self-critical, just do it once and go out there and be satisfied with your current performance without constantly thinking about what you should improve.

How do I motivate myself every day?

There are different ways for me to do this. What motivates me the most is going for a walk with my dog ​​Buppi in the morning. That gives me energy and often gives me new ideas. Afterwards I always feel fresh and full of energy.

Additionally, the lovely comments from my customers motivate me; they warm my heart and give me strength to keep going every day.

Lunch break – yes or no?

Definitely YES! I think it's very important to eat something warm at lunchtime. To take a break from work and regain strength. This gives me new focus. It's also usually family time, which I don't want to miss under any circumstances. Conversations with my children or my husband are very important to me.

Child, career, fulfilling relationship - can we really have it all?

Yes and no - everything in its own time, maybe yes. It is definitely not possible to do everything 100%, at least not alone, as there are only a few hours in the day. It cannot be done without support and without everyone sticking together, but if everyone in the family does their part, then a lot can be achieved.

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