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Article: How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

Wie räuchere ich richtig | Anleitung mit Kräutern zu räuchern

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

Do you know this feeling? The days are getting shorter and it gets dark early, the leaves are falling from the trees outside and you already need your winter jacket for a walk. You just want to make yourself comfortable on the couch inside and all you need is the right scent to relax, let go of the day and enjoy the afternoon or evening.

This immediately gives you the idea that it would be nice to smoke. But how?

First the good news - smoking is easy, you can't go wrong with smoking and you don't need much. To make it even easier for you, I've put together a few tips here that will help you get started quickly and easily.

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

What do you need for that?

With just a few ingredients you can smoke. You can choose between a smoking stove with a sieve or a smoking pan with sand and charcoal.

The incense burner with sieve allows you to burn incense very gently. To do this, you place your incense on the sieve and light your tea light in the burner. The rising heat causes your incense to start to shimmer and gives off a fine and delicate scent.

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

If you get a smoking pan with sand and a piece of charcoal, you first light the charcoal on the sand and wait until it is glowing nicely. Then you sprinkle your herbs over the charcoal and ideally use a feather to spread the fragrant smoke. But you have to be a little more careful here. Don't leave your incense on the charcoal for too long, but be careful and remove it from the charcoal after it has evaporated and add new incense. Make sure that the charcoal is only smoldering before you sprinkle your incense on it and don't leave the smoking pan burning unattended.

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

Simple smoking with local herbs

Which of the two types you choose is a matter of taste and you should probably try both to find out which form you like more.

If you already have your smoking equipment, you still need your incense and you can use almost all local (non-toxic) herbs and leaves.

How to smoke properly | choose one of my limited edition smoking bundles

Incense bundles from my shop

You can either walk through your garden or through nature and collect herbs and leaves that you are drawn to and that appeal to you. You can also buy ready-made incense, either in the shop where you got your teapot or incense pan, or from me. I have collected herbs and leaves from my garden and on my walks and tied incense bundles from them. You can also find pure sage bundles in my shop.

How do I smoke properly | Sage bundles for smoking

You can either burn these incense bundles directly in one go, or you can tear off a few herbs and sprinkle them over the sieve of your incense burner or onto the charcoal of your incense burner.

Incense and its effects

In my article “Smoking with herbs around us” you will also find out more about the background of smoking and some historical insights including a few herbs that you can use.

In stores you can find many different herbal mixtures or herbs and resins that you can use for smoking.

I find it particularly appropriate for me to use herbs from my surroundings, as I have a direct connection to them.

I would now like to give you a few ideas and describe the effects of these herbs.

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs


It has a relaxing effect and calms the nerves, it supports you in letting go of the old and receiving the new.

Fennel seeds

Smells wonderfully aniseed and fresh, the incense is relaxing and comforting - relieves the stress of the day and has a calming effect.


These smell wonderfully sweet and delicately floral. You should also only burn the elderflowers on the sieve - as they are so delicate and fine that they just burn on the coals without giving off their true scent. 

Hop flowers

Have a calming and relaxing effect

Lavender flowers

These invigorate and cleanse, so they have a very balancing effect and bring you peace, dissolving the anger of the day.

Lemon balm

Smells so wonderfully fresh and lemony and helps to clear your mood and cheer you up. It is also calming and relaxing as an incense or as a tea.

Orange peel

Always use orange peel from unsprayed oranges. It is particularly easy to smoke these in the winter. Simply peel them, let them dry and place them on the smoking sieve. They have a warming effect and convey a feeling of security and protection.


Its scent clears your mind and refreshes you.


Strengthens your concentration and creativity - the scent awakens you and strengthens your will to put things into action.


It's my absolute favorite herb and smells so nice and aromatic. It's great for cleaning your rooms and removing negative energy. Its scent gives you strength and clears your mind. Always a wonderful way to clean your home.


Spreads a very spicy scent and is intended to help you reconnect with yourself.


Designed to cheer you up and improve your concentration - the spicy scent gives you courage and self-confidence.

How to smoke properly | Instructions for smoking with herbs

There are of course many other herbs and resins that you can use for smoking. Tree leaves and mosses are also possible incense. Whether you use the incense on its own or with other herbs is entirely up to you and your taste. Be open-minded and let your mood and your nose guide you.

I hope you enjoy smoking and tasting .

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