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Article: 3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

3 TIPPS: Bronzeschmuck einfach reinigen

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. With its earthy color, bronze goes wonderfully with my natural jewelry .

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

How to easily clean your bronze jewelry

As you probably know or have experienced yourself, bronze, like copper and brass, tends to tarnish or darken. Bronze jewelry can also turn green through contact with sweat on the skin. This is called patina, which is neither dangerous nor toxic to you, it just looks very unsightly and can leave grayish marks on the finger, especially on rings .

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

TIP for bronze rings

Read the article all the way to the end and I will tell you a great and simple trick on how you can easily avoid those black spots on your fingers by wearing bronze rings .

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

4 tips on how to keep your bronze jewellery beautiful for a long time

But before you have to clean your bronze jewelry, I have 4 simple tips for you.

1. NEVER leave your bronze jewelry in the bathroom. The moisture will cause your jewelry to darken and tarnish.

2. Therefore, take off your bronze jewelry (actually this applies to all jewelry) when showering and bathing.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

3. It is best to store your bronze jewelry in a jewelry box or even in a jewelry case. If you don't have one of these, a small, simple plastic bag will do, and will protect your jewelry very well from moisture and humidity.

4. Avoid contact with any kind of cosmetics on your jewelry. Whether it's creams, perfumes or even hairspray, these substances can leave unsightly stains on your jewelry.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

If your bronze jewelry has become darker or even slightly greenish, then I will now tell you my 3 very simple and very effective tips for cleaning.

1. Jewelry cleaning cloth or silver cleaning cloth

The easiest and probably quickest way is to clean your bronze piece of jewelry with a jewelry cleaning cloth. You may have received one as a gift from a jeweler or you can get one from the drugstore. This is great for relatively smooth surfaces to polish them up and make them shine again.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

2. mild soapy water or cleaning alcohol

If polishing your bronze piece of jewelry with a cleaning cloth is not enough because it has a coarser surface structure or because the dirt is more severe, try using warm water in combination with a mild soap solution; you can use a simple cleaning cloth for this. As an additional option, try using a little alcohol to remove stubborn dirt.

Then you polish your piece of jewellery again with the silver cleaning cloth and it will shine and sparkle again.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

3. old toothbrush with some toothpaste or baking soda

For particularly stubborn cases or for recesses that are difficult to reach with a cloth, you can use an old, soft toothbrush in combination with a little toothpaste or baking powder. This method is particularly suitable for structured jewelry that has recesses that cannot be reached with a normal cloth.

CAUTION: Please do not use it on smooth surfaces, as the toothbrush could brush an unwanted pattern or structure into your jewelry and you will probably not be able to get rid of it yourself.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery


Some people react with the bronze due to their sweat and it can happen that the finger turns grey when wearing the bronze ring underneath. This is neither dangerous nor toxic, at most it is unsightly.

All of my bronze rings are sealed before I send them to you. But no seal lasts forever, especially not on a ring. This is why you may get greyish spots under the bronze ring . To get this under control, you should first clean your bronze ring well and then apply some clear nail polish. This layer of polish then forms a protective layer between you and the bronze and your finger will no longer get darker.

3 TIPS: How to easily clean bronze jewellery

I hope my tips for cleaning your bronze jewelry will help you and that you will enjoy wearing your jewelry for a long time.

Bronze in particular makes the skin shine and glow so beautifully. If you are interested in whether bronze suits you and your skin type, then I have an article for you to read.

See you soon!

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