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Article: The brooch made from a real leaf | handmade and unique

Broschen aus echten Blättern in Silber

The brooch made from a real leaf | handmade and unique

I've had a leaf brooch on my wish list for a while. I think it's really beautiful and can be worn in many different ways. However, I had problems attaching the pin. I wasn't really happy with it.

The brooch, a wonderful piece of jewellery for every occasion

Then Doris, a customer, ordered two brooches made of sage leaves from me. That made me think about the subject in depth. I wanted to find a simple and elegant way to attach the pin. It had to be light and delicate so that the leaf was not stressed, and at the same time it had to sit firmly on the back of the leaf. I think I managed to do that well with my solution.

Brooches from real sage leaf in silver

Why are brooches actually called brooches?

The term "brooch" originally comes from French. The word "broche" was used in the Middle Ages and meant "needle" or "point". It is derived from the Latin word "brocchus", which means "pointed" or "sharp".

Over time, the term "broche" came to be used specifically for a decorative pin or brooch used to attach jewelry to clothing. These pieces of jewelry often feature gemstones, pearls, or other embellishments.

The term "brooch" has become common in German and is used to describe various types of pins or pieces of jewelry that are attached to clothing. The term is often used for larger, more conspicuous pieces of jewelry that are worn as a fashion accessory.

a brooch made of a sage leaf in silver

When do you wear a brooch?

You can wear a brooch on different occasions and with different outfits. Here are some examples of when you could wear a brooch:

  1. For formal occasions: A brooch can be an elegant addition to your evening dress, cocktail dress or formal suit. It adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit and can be worn on the chest or on the shoulder.
  2. In everyday life: You can also wear a brooch as a fashion accessory in everyday life. Attach it to your jacket, blouse, sweater or scarf to give your outfit a personal touch.
  3. For special occasions: Brooches are also popular at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and other festive events. They can serve as an eye-catcher and add a special touch to your outfit.
  4. As a decoration for hats or bags: You can also attach a brooch to your hat, cap or handbag to give these accessories an individual style.

There are no strict rules about when you can wear a brooch. It depends on your personal taste, the occasion and your outfit. Let your creativity run wild and wear the brooch whenever you feel comfortable and stylish.

Sage brooch in silver

Where do you wear a brooch, right or left?

The decision to wear a brooch on the right or left side is not strictly defined and depends on personal preference and individual style. However, traditionally the brooch is worn on the left side. This goes back to historical conventions where gentlemen wore their medals and awards on the left side of the chest.

However, nowadays it is common to wear brooches on both sides or to attach them to other places such as the collar, a scarf or a bag. The choice of side depends on various factors such as the placement of the brooch on the garment, the overall look of the outfit and personal taste.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether you wear your brooch on the right or left side, or place it somewhere else. Choose the position that you like best and that best suits the look you want to achieve.

What is the real meaning of a brooch?

The correct meaning of a brooch is that it is a piece of jewelry that is usually attached to clothing. A brooch typically consists of a decorative element, often decorated with gemstones, pearls or other embellishments, and a fastening that allows the brooch to be securely attached to the clothing.

Brooches serve as a fashion accessory and can serve a variety of functions. They can be used to embellish an outfit, express a personal style or make a statement. Brooches are often worn on the chest or other places such as the collar, a scarf, a hat or a bag.

In addition, brooches can also have a symbolic meaning. They can serve as keepsakes, family pieces, or as a sign of belonging to a group or organization.

Ultimately, however, the meaning of a brooch also depends on individual interpretations and personal experiences. One and the same brooch can have different meanings for different people, depending on the emotions, memories or associations they associate with it.

Sage leaf brooches in silver

Can you wear a brooch and a necklace together?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to wear a brooch and a necklace together. There are no hard and fast rules in jewelry design that say that these two pieces of jewelry cannot be combined.

To achieve a harmonious effect, you can consider a few things:

  1. Size and proportions: Make sure that the brooch and necklace match each other in terms of size and proportions. A brooch that is too large combined with a necklace that is too delicate can make the overall look unbalanced.
  2. Style and design: Make sure the style and design of the brooch and necklace match each other. For example, if the brooch has a vintage look, it can be nice to choose a necklace with a similar vintage charm.
  3. Placement: Make sure the brooch and necklace do not interfere with each other or become tangled. For example, place the brooch on the opposite side of the necklace clasp so that the two pieces of jewelry do not get in each other's way.

Most importantly, however, is your personal taste and style. If you feel comfortable and like the combination of brooch and necklace, then feel free to wear them together. Jewelry is meant to emphasize your personal expression and style, so don't be afraid to combine different pieces of jewelry to create a unique look.

Dandelion brooch in silver

Find your unique brooch made from a real leaf

Discover the beauty of a real leaf brooch - a handmade one-of-a-kind piece that can be worn on many occasions. Each brooch is unique because it is carefully crafted from a real leaf that retains its unique shapes and textures.

These brooches are more than just jewelry. They are an expression of nature and embody the elegance and grace of leaves. Each brooch tells its own story and captures the beauty of nature in an artistic accessory.

Whether you wear the brooch on formal occasions to add a subtle touch of naturalness to your outfit or use it in everyday life as an expression of your individual style - it will definitely make you an eye-catcher.

A brooch made from a real leaf is a unique way to enhance your outfit. It can be attached to clothes, scarves, hats or bags and gives your look a touch of originality.

Each brooch is handmade with love and care to ensure you receive a high quality and unique piece of jewelry. Wear it with pride and enjoy the admiring glances it will attract.

Discover your very own personal brooch made from a real leaf and experience the unique combination of nature and beauty in a fascinating accessory.

Dandelion brooch in silver

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