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Article: 7 things you should definitely know about ground ivy

Gundermann Ohrstecker direkt vom echten Blatt abgenommen

7 things you should definitely know about ground ivy

The beautiful ground ivy , also known as ground ivy, is an extremely common and sometimes inconspicuous little plant that is native to our environment. It can be found in almost every garden as a ground-covering plant and surrounds our green oases. Its delicate, purple flowers are a real feast for the eyes and enchant us with their grace. It is also often found along the edges of forests and in alluvial forests, where it blends harmoniously into the natural environment.

Ground ivy is a small plant with a big impact

Ground ivy, also known as Glechoma hederacea, is an extraordinarily versatile medicinal plant whose beneficial properties should not be underestimated. It contains a wealth of essential oils that have a variety of health-promoting effects. In particular, these oils are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic effects. This opens up numerous possible uses for ground ivy, both internally and externally.

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7 things you should definitely know about ground ivy

If you want to use the healing power of ground ivy for external applications, you can, for example, make ointments that promote wound healing. The essential oils of ground ivy help to reduce inflammation and support the regeneration of the skin. By using ground ivy ointment, small injuries, abrasions or skin irritations can heal faster and pain can be relieved.

For internal use, you can prepare a tincture of ground ivy that can help you fight colds and bronchitis. The essential oils of ground ivy have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract. Taking the tincture can alleviate symptoms associated with colds, coughs and stuffy noses. The healing properties of ground ivy support the body's own defenses and promote faster recovery.

Ground ivy is an exceptionally versatile plant with remarkable healing powers. From external use for wound healing to internal use to combat respiratory diseases, ground ivy offers a natural and effective alternative. Discover the many possibilities that ground ivy has for your health and experience the healing effects of this fascinating plant.

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The inconspicuous appearance of the Gundermann

Ground ivy is an herbaceous plant that keeps its lush green foliage even in winter. Its leaves are a shiny green color and are either heart-shaped or kidney-shaped. They usually stay quite small and reach a maximum size of about 4 cm. These characteristic leaves are a real eye-catcher.

As a member of the mint family, ground ivy delights us with its bluish-purple flowers, which unfold their full splendor between April and July. These delicate flowers give the plant an additional aesthetic touch and are sure to attract the attention of those who observe them.

The ground ivy is a real feast for the eyes with its shiny green leaves and enchanting bluish-purple flowers that shine in spring and summer. Discover the fascination of the ground ivy and let yourself be enchanted by its picturesque splendor.

The ground ivy also tastes really good

Despite their external similarities, ground ivy is different from ivy . Unlike ivy, ground ivy is actually edible and rich in vitamin C. You can use the leaves raw in salads or enjoy them as an aromatic herb in various dishes. Ground ivy is also wonderful to prepare and enjoy as a tea. The leaves of ground ivy have an intense flavor and give dishes a spicy and slightly hot note. Discover the culinary diversity of ground ivy and give your dishes a special flavor nuance.

Ground ivy leaves

Gundermann also resembles many other plants

At a glance, it may sometimes be difficult to distinguish ground ivy from other plants, as they can have certain similarities. However, it is worth taking a closer look and examining the leaves and flowers. Ground ivy shares similarities with ivy, daisies, self-heal and also dead-nettle.

While ground ivy has delicate, heart-shaped leaves and bluish-purple flowers, ivy is characterized by its robust, leathery leaves and yellow-green flowers. The daisy, on the other hand, has characteristic white petals with a yellow center and delicate, green leaves. The small self-heal presents itself with lanceolate leaves and small, purple flowers. Finally, dead-nettle has striking flowers in various colors, such as white, pink or violet, and soft, serrated leaves.

However, it is important to note that an accurate identification of the plants based on descriptions alone is not always reliable. If you are unsure, it is advisable to consult a specialist or use further information to identify the plants. However, by carefully observing and comparing the leaves and flowers, you can already gain initial clues about ground ivy and its similar plant relatives.

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Ground ivy is considered a medicinal plant

Ground ivy, a plant of great importance, has been valued as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. The Germanic tribes recognized its healing power and used it both as a medicine and as a magical plant. Hildegard von Bingen, a well-known herbalist, also used ground ivy in natural medicine, especially to relieve problems in the nose and throat.

Ground ivy is rich in essential oils, tannins and a special bitter substance called adas glechomine, which is only found in this plant. These ingredients give ground ivy its healing properties. The leaves and flowers of ground ivy are not only rich in vitamins, but are also edible and have a sharp, bitter taste.

It is important to note, however, that ground ivy is poisonous to horses and other ungulates, so care should be taken to ensure that these animals do not have access to this plant. For humans, however, ground ivy provides a valuable source of health-promoting properties. Use its healing powers responsibly and experience the natural support ground ivy can provide.

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Where to find ground ivy

Ground ivy is a plant that has conquered large parts of Europe. It is particularly widespread and easy to find in Central Europe. But it can also be found in West and North Asia and in Japan.

You can find ground ivy mainly on nutrient-rich and moist soils. It is often found in loamy soils, where it feels particularly comfortable. But it also likes to appear in meadows and along the edges of forests. Another favorite place for ground ivy is the banks of lakes and ponds, where it stretches its roots into the moist soil.

The presence of ground ivy in these locations is no coincidence. Its preference for nutrient-rich and moist soils allows it to grow optimally and reproduce successfully. Look out for this charming plant and discover its distribution in different regions of Europe and beyond.

The spiritual meaning of ground ivy

Ground ivy, an ancient plant with a fascinating history, has been used and revered for centuries. Legend has it that ground ivy has magical powers. In the past, women would make wreaths of ground ivy and firmly believed that wearing these wreaths would give them clairvoyant abilities.

In addition, ground ivy can also be dried and used as incense. When burned, it unfolds its subtle essence and works on a subtle level. This essence has the ability to harmonize our soul, give it strength and banish any shadows. By connecting with ground ivy, we become grounded and regain our basic trust. In addition, this incense has a cleansing effect and enables us to have a deeper connection to heaven.

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of ground ivy and discover the fascinating uses that have always accompanied this plant. Experience its magical effects on different levels and be inspired by the connection to nature and the spiritual. Ground ivy is a source of magic and healing power that is waiting to be discovered.

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Happy and carefree | unique natural jewelry unique pieces from the Gundermann

A piece of jewelry made from a delicate ground ivy leaf is a real feast for the eyes. The leaves radiate a lovely beauty and have a very special effect on the ears. In my collection, I concentrate primarily on earrings made from these enchanting leaves. Their heart-shaped form is pleasing to the eye and gives the piece of jewelry a welcome appearance.

When making these stud earrings, I use recycled silver , which gives the piece of jewelry an extra naturalness. The recycled silver allows us to preserve the beauty of nature while creating a sustainable piece of jewelry. Each stud earring is made with care and attention to detail to ensure that it retains its unique charisma.

With these ground ivy stud earrings you can not only express your love for nature, but also make a statement for sustainability and environmental awareness. Wear a piece of nature on your ears and feel the special connection to the earth. The combination of the lovely beauty of the ground ivy leaves and the natural shine of the recycled silver will enchant you and complement your outfit perfectly. Immerse yourself in the world of handmade jewelry and be inspired by its uniqueness and naturalness.

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