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Article: Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

Christine von Textpoterie | handgemachtes Porzellan

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

This interview with Christine Mittermayr from Textpoterie is part of a series of interviews with women who feel as connected to nature as I do. I speak to different women and their approach to nature and life.

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

Beautiful porcelain inspires | creates a pause in everyday life

Please introduce yourself to us and tell us something about yourself and your career?

Hello, I'm Christine Mittermayr and I'm a ceramicist who specializes in making unique porcelain pieces. I make unique pieces and these can also be made according to your ideas and specifications. My handmade porcelain is often given as a gift on special occasions, but it also creates focal points in your own living area and provides the perfect setting for delicious dishes.

I am always fascinated by how special bowls, cups and plates are created from a lump of porcelain . I model them with my hands or shape them on the potter's wheel.

You are welcome to browse my website and get inspiration - for your home or to turn your gifts into something special. I look forward to bringing your ideas to life and creating something unique for you.

Where do you come from?

My home is in the Upper Mühlviertel, in the north of Austria, where I live with my family. That's exactly where I was born, on an idyllic farm surrounded by rolling meadows and wide fields. This region is characterized by rustling forests and babbling streams that have still retained their natural charm.

I am inspired by the rich textile tradition of this area and the beautiful linen weaves that are created in the local weaving mills. The craft and art of weaving have fascinated me since I was a child and continue to accompany me in my own creative work to this day. Every piece I create reflects this.

I invite you to immerse yourself with me in the world of my inspiring homeland and discover the timeless beauty of linen weaving.

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

What is your profession?

I discovered my passion for clay during my school days in my craft class. I really enjoyed shaping and designing with clay. After I finished school, I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship in a small ceramics factory in Oftering. There I learned how to make pottery on a wheel, how to shape handles for cups and the art of glazing. It was a wonderful experience to work with the talented women in this environment.

After a few years as a freelance occupational therapist, I finally returned to my original profession. In 2013, I decided to take a break from being an occupational therapist. I cleared the therapy materials out of my practice and set up a potter's wheel instead. The climbing wall and ball pit were replaced with a kiln. My patients' waiting area was transformed into a showroom where I set a table with my handmade, unique porcelain pieces.

In my studio, I also regularly invite people to workshops in various formats. Since I completed my training as a resilience trainer in 2021, I also offer resilience training with a focus on creativity and pottery, where we create something special with our hands.

I am grateful to have been able to return to my creative profession and look forward to sharing my passion for pottery with others. I find great joy in helping people build resilience through creative processes.

You work with porcelain and write about nature and landscapes - why do you do that? 

Out of passion and because I enjoy it.

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

What inspired you to write a book? 

My surroundings, the Upper Mühlviertel, the people who live here, the companies that exist here, the "lagom" in Mühlviertel dialect and a writing workshop with Doris Dörrie in the Bregenzerwald, where we wrote autobiographical texts. And then the encouragement from Julia Rumplmayr to write the book and the support of the "Leader Region Donau Böhmerwald" to be able to publish it. 

What does a “normal” day look like for you?

On a summer morning, just before 6:30 a.m., my routine begins: I prepare water for my tea, then I swim a few laps in the refreshing natural pool. When the soles of my feet are not touching the wet grass, I grab the garden hose and lovingly water the roses, the strawberries on the slope and the radicchio in the raised bed. Then I take care of Nino the cat and enjoy my first sip of tea from one of my handmade porcelain mugs. In this quiet time before starting my daily routine, I find a moment of silence and occasionally take time to write in my diary - whether to record my gratitude or to write down my thoughts. Sometimes I also read the Luther Bible and let myself be touched by the inspiring words. Sometimes I also go for a morning walk with our son's dogs and enjoy nature.

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

Do you enjoy being in nature?

Yes, every now and then in the garden, in the forest, quick, short and long walks with dogs, friends, husband or even alone.

Do you also have a special favorite place or place of power - where do you like to be the most? 

In nature, in the studio and in summer in my outdoor office, in the garden.

Christine from Textpoterie | handmade porcelain

Do you have a recipe for us to live more creativity in everyday life?

In order for creativity to develop, the brain needs moments of relaxation and calm, but also surprises and challenges. Places or activities that stimulate my creativity include a bath, a hammock in the garden, a walk through the forest, working in the garden, a city visit or short vacation, exhibitions, museum visits, concerts... and books.

Why do we long to be more connected with nature and to live simply?

I think we are part of nature, of creation; it is probably innate in us. And we notice that it is good for us. It clears our heads from all the challenging, digital and mental work.

Get inspired with workshops @Textpoterie

Textpoterie offers workshops in various formats.

On Christine's website, and on Instagram at @textpoterie , you can find more information about handmade porcelain.

Photos: Elisabeth Hofinger

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