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Article: Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

Doris von Mit Liebe gemacht | Selbstgemachtes aus Kräutern

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

This interview with Doris Kern from Made with Love is part of a series of interviews with women who feel as connected to nature as I do. I speak to different women and their approach to nature and life.

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

Homemade from herbs | made easy

Please introduce yourself to us and tell us something about yourself and your career?

I grew up in the Mühlviertel, more precisely in Peilstein. Very sheltered and surrounded by beautiful meadows and forests, I was definitely given a certain closeness to nature. However, when I was 19, I didn't find the idyll all that exciting and decided to do something completely different. I studied software engineering - a career choice that I have to smile about a little now. But I really enjoyed it and it is also a part of me.

I have always had an interest in and love of nature, even if it wasn't quite as present for a while. My interest in herbs came with my love of natural cosmetics. Since I have always enjoyed taking care of myself, I was particularly interested in what was in creams and the like. Well, once you start there, you quickly come across herbs, since many ingredients can be used wonderfully in natural cosmetics. But not only there, they often strengthen the entire body. And since then I have been addicted to herbs and plants and am always learning something new.

You work with herbs and wild plants - why do you do that?

There are a number of reasons for this - one is that many of the plants are wonderful ingredients for homemade natural cosmetics. Because you can make excellent home remedies yourself that boost your health. But even if you are ill, your own natural pharmacy is a wonderful tool. And herbs have a certain fascination - recognizing them, knowing what is in them, what you can make from them. Always being able to learn something new. Working with herbs and wild herbs is like going on a journey - you always discover something new.

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

How did you come up with the idea of ​​passing on your knowledge?

I started my blog Made with Love back in 2014. At first I showed DIY projects, but then it quickly developed into a herb and nature blog. I just enjoy showing what you can do with plants, many of which grow on our doorsteps. And it is important to me that the knowledge about this is not lost, but that many people know again how medicinal some plants are.

What do you like about giving workshops on the topic of nature?

Feeling people's enthusiasm and the many aha moments when you talk about nature or make a recipe together. Because many applications are so simple and can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life. It's just a joy to see how everything is accepted and that I can pass on my enthusiasm.

What does a “normal” day look like for you?

In addition to my herbal work, I am employed by a company and work there on a part-time basis. The afternoons then belong to my little daughter and we do a lot together. She also watches me with interest when we try out a herbal recipe together. In the evenings I work on my herbal topics, prepare posts for Instagram and my blog or I work on one of my books. So I am rarely bored - there is always a lot to do and when I have time I try out new ideas and recipes.

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

Do you enjoy being in nature?

Yes, absolutely! It grounds me, gives me strength and at the same time frees up my mind to develop new ideas.

Do you also have a special favorite place or place of power - where do you like to be the most?

I love going to the forest. I have lived in various places over the past 20 years and no matter where I lived, I was always drawn to the forest. There I can literally breathe a sigh of relief and find my center in stressful times. For me it doesn't have to be a specific place or the same place, the main thing is forest air and lots of greenery!

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

Do you have a recipe for us that we can easily recreate even as “inexperienced” people and that supports our natural health?

My favorite recipe is oxymel, also known as sour honey. It strengthens our intestines and our digestion wonderfully, and you can mix in herbs that are good for you.

To do this you need:

  • 300 g honey
  • 100 g vinegar (of your choice, e.g. apple or wine vinegar)
  • Handful of herbs of your choice

Chop the herbs into small pieces and put them in a sealable jar. Mix the honey and vinegar well so that they combine well. Then pour over the herbs. Close the jar and leave to steep for at least 14 days. Then strain and mix 1-2 tablespoons with a glass of water and drink daily.

Nature, herbs but also sustainability and organic are very much on trend these days - why do you think that is?

I think it is a kind of "reflection". We have lived with nature for centuries, were dependent on the seasons. It was important to respect nature, etc. And we still have this feeling deep inside us and for many people it is making itself known again and wants to have its place.

Doris from Made with Love | Homemade from herbs

Why do we long to be more connected with nature and to live simply?

Because in nature you can just be yourself - you don't have to conform to any ideal. Nature accepts us as we are. We don't have to compete, we can just be, feel and experience! And that just feels good! And if we're honest, a good life often requires so little, doesn't it?

Many of my recipes and ideas can be found on my blog mitliebegemacht or on my Instagram profile . I also share a lot of knowledge in my books Simply Natural, Aromatic Forest, Tempting Flowers, Cheeky Fruits, Quinces in the Kitchen and Cosmetics, Naturally Christmassy and Feel Good - Hildegard von Bingen's Green Pharmacy.

And what I'm really looking forward to - this year I'm building my own seminar room and from next year I'll be able to welcome people interested in herbs to my home. I'll announce all the information on my blog . If you'd like to read from me regularly, you can also sign up for my newsletter .

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