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Article: Long leaf earrings in boho style

Lange Blatt Ohrringe im Boho Style

Long leaf earrings in boho style

I love earrings because they always fit! No matter what outfit, no matter if it's day or night - earrings are always a good choice!

Above all, I like wearing earrings. I have to admit, I like the movement in my ears and I also like larger pieces of jewelry, so earrings are a good choice.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

Long leaf earrings

The leaf earrings are made from a variety of real leaves . Each earring is made from its own fresh leaf . This means that each piece of jewelry is unique. The material used is silver.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

The leaves are either permanently attached to the ear hooks or just threaded through, depending on how it suits the leaf.

In any case, they are a larger and eye-catching accessory and complement your look perfectly. They can also be combined with almost any style of clothing and are suitable for every occasion.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

Sometimes they can be a little more unusual and bigger. Nevertheless, thanks to their leaf-like appearance, they are very light and comfortable to wear and hardly weigh down your ears at all. This means you can comfortably wear them on your ears all day long.

Long leaf earrings in boho style


You can also combine them with boho chic, as they complement this style well, which relies on large and eye-catching accessories. The leaf jewelry also goes beautifully with the wide and flowing dresses with floral patterns.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

Long earrings

You can combine long earrings at any time and for any occasion. They are timeless pieces of jewelry that have always been worn and that like to draw some attention to themselves.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

Since earrings are usually more eye-catching, do not combine them with too many other pieces of jewelry, as this can often look too lavish.

The leaf earrings look particularly good with short or pinned-up hair, as they are even more eye-catching. But I also like to wear them with my long, loose hair. That makes the whole thing look more playful, as the earrings sometimes hide in the hair and only appear every now and then.

If you are interested in knowing whether stud earrings or drop earrings suit you better, you can read this blog post of mine .

Long leaf earrings in boho style

I always add small silicone stoppers to all earrings so that you don't accidentally unthread and lose an earring in the winter when you're wearing a scarf and turtleneck sweater. Since the leaf earrings are all made from real pairs of leaves, it is not possible for me to replace a lost earring.

Care and storage of your leaf earrings

Long leaf earrings in boho style

Your leaf earrings are very easy to wear or store. Don't leave them in the bathroom and take them out of your ears when you bathe or shower. That's not really comfortable with earrings anyway.

In this article I have collected further tips and tricks for earring care and cleaning .

Long leaf earrings in boho style

When you are not wearing them, it is best to store them in a dry place in a jewelry box or a jewelry case. A plastic bag also works well as it protects them from moisture and dust.

Long leaf earrings in boho style

If you feel that the earrings have become a little duller, use a silver cleaning cloth and carefully polish the surface of the leaf earrings. More is not necessary and is not desirable - otherwise you will polish away the beautiful shimmer and coloring of the earrings.

I hope you enjoy choosing your earrings .

See you soon!

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