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Article: Engagement ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

Verlobungsringe aus einzigartigen Naturformen und Naturstrukturen

Engagement ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

The engagement ring: in love, engaged, enchanted

Should the answer be a clear "Yes, I do!"? Then the proposal must be convincing in every respect. Of course, the future partner is behind the question of all questions. But the symbol of eternal love and loyalty is the ring with which this "yes" is to be sealed.

Engagement rings made from real leaves

In the beginning was the pledge of love

The term "love pledge" is as old as the most beautiful thing in the world. In the past, not only was the dowry a fixed part of a marriage agreement, it also had to be guaranteed. The earliest evidence of this topic comes from ancient times. At that time, it became customary to send the bride a ring as a kind of confirmation of receipt after receiving the promised dowry. These highly unromantic receipts were the forerunners of our modern engagement rings. Resourceful goldsmiths soon recognized the potential of this new fashion. And families who placed great importance on the marriage taking place let the bride's parents know this by making the ring sent a particularly valuable piece of jewelry.

Engagement ring coral ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

The engagement ring: connection meets commitment

According to historians, the history of romantic love only begins in the 19th century. This is also the time when heirlooms from the family treasure were first used as engagement presents. Marriage thus took on a deeper meaning, not only in terms of ideas but also formally. Up until this point, it was considered a business like any other. Nevertheless, it was the Catholic Church, of all people, that promoted the engagement ring from a mere promissory note turned into a decoration to a real symbol with romantic added value. In the 3rd century AD, Pope Stephen I saw the virtue of marriage as an indissoluble institution at risk. The Roman bad habit of entering into marriages at will and then dissolving them again depending on the interests of the family was a thorn in his side. He therefore demanded that the promise of engagement be sealed with an iron ring. This remained the case for several centuries. The engagement ring as we know it today - as unromantic as that may sound - is thanks to a clever marketing strategy.

Why gold and diamonds?

Today, beautiful engagement rings can be made from a wide variety of materials. Anything you like is now allowed. Gold in all three colors is just as popular as platinum, stainless steel, titanium, or exotic materials such as tungsten carbide. A gold ring with a solitaire diamond has emerged as a classic, in the truest sense of the word. Even in ancient Greece, sealing a marriage with a gold ring was considered a special protection from the god Apollo. This precious metal was dedicated to the sun god and was supposed to guarantee a brilliant future, but also the stability of this union. In the 1940s, the ambitious marketing strategy of a diamond dealer coined the slogan "A diamond is everlasting," which turned out to be a gold mine for the company. The modern engagement ring was born.

Engagement ring stone ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

Engagement rings for him and her

What would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago is now common practice. The marriage proposal has become an equal matter. It can be initiated by either side, and both partners receive engagement rings as a special gift. These can then be upgraded to wedding rings, or replaced or supplemented by them. While it has always been common for women to wear their engagement ring as a stacking ring, men can also wear their former token of love in addition to their wedding ring. And another trend has clearly gained ground in recent years: that of one-off pieces. Just as every person and every relationship is individual, so too should the pieces of jewelry that seal the marriage proposal.

Engagement ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

Wanted and found: The unique piece of jewelry for that special day

While in the USA, for example, 80 percent of all women still wear the classic gold ring with a diamond solitaire (and would not accept anything else), in Europe equality is slowly gaining ground in terms of jewelry. This is complemented by the trend towards individualization. The most beautiful day of one's life should be ushered in by a promise. This requires unique pieces that are just like the partner: unique. The ring itself already represents eternity, as it has no beginning and no end. The marriage should be as imperishable as the ring.

Natural jewelry – the natural power of love as a special gift

Love has been proven to be a heavenly power. Where it falls, no grass grows. And a drop of love is known to be worth more than an ocean of intelligence. The most powerful feeling in the world has always been mentioned in the same breath as the power of nature. Without love, there is no blossoming. It is therefore more than just natural to use this strong symbolism when choosing rings. The possibilities are varied and offer the right thing for every personality and every style.

Engagement ring flower ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

flower, blossom or calyx

There is probably no other natural phenomenon that represents the blossoming of young love in a more convincing and at the same time romantic way. The half-open or half-closed flowers - depending on your point of view - represent a hopeful new beginning. Everything is still possible.

Engagement ring | Sage ring in gold | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

Leaf jewelry – engagement rings with profile

The fine leaf veins represent life and the indomitable resilience that nature must occasionally display. The leaf bends in the wind, but mainly for self-protection. Rings that take up the motif of sage leaves or grasses represent closeness to nature and the constant change of the seasons. Sage is also of great importance as a medicinal and incense plant . In earlier times, if you wanted to drive evil out of the house to make room for the good, fumigating the rooms with dried sage was the first choice. In many areas, this ritual is still practiced today during the Rauhnächten. So if you want to start your marriage under particularly blessed auspices, opt for leaf jewelry. Rings in the shape of a sage leaf are also extravagant accessories that are guaranteed not to go unnoticed for long.

Engagement ring | Tree bark ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

What do tree bark and marriage have in common?

That's right: Both protect what is dear to them. The strong and robust bark covers the tree trunk, keeps vermin and pests away and ensures that the tree can grow safely and unfold towards the sky. The community of marriage ideally offers all those who enter into it the same protection and stability. If the engagement rings are to represent strength as a special gift, natural jewelry that takes the structure of tree bark as a decorative model is a good option. This creates a decorative promise with a very special message.

Engagement ring stone ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

Strong as a rock

Natural jewelry offers even more exciting design ideas that are ideal for the symbolism of engagement rings. Exciting stone structures, for example, that express strength and reliability. People who prefer to take unusual paths when it comes to jewelry find the perfect inspiration in nature for the right token of love for a marriage proposal. And who wouldn't want to be convinced from the start that their shared future is built on a solid foundation?

Engagement ring earring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

The ear of corn: promises heaven and earth at the same time

The ear of grain has long enjoyed strong symbolic power. It stands for a rich harvest, adaptability when a rough wind blows, but also for the fact that you will not win without hard work. Engagement rings that proudly and confidently display the ear of grain as a symbol stand for all of these obligations, but also for the fact that effort and appreciation are ultimately always worth it.

Engagement ring sea ring | handmade unique jewelry for your proposal

The power of the sea: pearls, shells and corals

These natural beauties have always been popular ingredients for individually crafted pieces of jewelry. The pearl still stands for beauty, purity and pure femininity. Corals symbolize unbroken willpower. Their vibrant red colors also represent the deep passion that unites them with the world's oceans. Shells were and still are a popular means of payment. Today they inspire jewelry forms that pay tribute to the sea and show respect for nature's play of colors and shapes.

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