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Article: Sustainable jewellery: Only the real is forever

Nachhaliter Schmuck aus echten Blättern in Recyclingsilber

Sustainable jewellery: Only the real is forever

Even the beautiful things in life are being affected by the ongoing destruction of the environment and the rapid climate change. Every purchasing decision we make as consumers has an impact on the future of our planet. Better is clearly not the enemy of good, but simply the choice of the hour. When it comes to fashion and accessories, the question of origin has long been an issue. But who would have thought that jewelry - the most beautiful fashion accessory in the world - is also worth taking a closer look at? In any case, as conscious consumers, we should not be fooled by its sparkle and magical shine. Many materials are obtained through wild overexploitation of Mother Nature, and a lot of chemicals and harmful substances are still used. It is a long and not always pleasant journey from the raw material to the enchanting material that every jewelry lover's dreams are made of. The keyword "sustainability" is therefore becoming increasingly important in the production of jewelry .

Sustainable jewelry - a special gift

Sustainable = hand in hand with nature

We cannot exploit our planet forever. This applies to all resources, including the precious metals needed to make beautiful accessories. Recycling is worthwhile for everyone involved. For unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from my workshop, this meant that I turned to recycled silver some time ago. Using second-hand silver is therefore a brilliant idea in more ways than one. Valuable resources are conserved. Its routes are short and protect the environment: the new pieces of jewelry are made regionally, in Austria, and are guaranteed to be fairly produced. Everything comes from a single source. Not only the elegant results, but also the facts speak for themselves.

Sustainable jewelry made from real leaves - always carry nature with you

Recycled silver: second chance for beautiful things

According to estimates, an incredible 52 thousand tons of silver (!) are in stock in German-speaking households alone. It changes hands from generation to generation as jewelry, silverware and everyday objects, but of course also in the form of coins and bars. This does not even include the silver used in medicine and industry. This value is based only on estimates, but the situation is quite different when it comes to the resources that Mother Earth still hides within her. Unfortunately, there are very concrete figures here: experts assume that, at current production levels, silver mines all over the world will be exhausted in 30 years at the latest. Silver is therefore a raw material whose days are numbered. For many years, the rumor persisted that silver recycling was not worthwhile. Now things are definitely different. The shiny precious metal is being returned to the raw material recycling cycle and is being given a second chance at a brilliant, new life.

Sustainable jewellery - made from recycled silver - worn with a clear conscience

Unique jewelry pieces − Beautiful with a clear conscience

Jewelry in particular should not only please our sense of aesthetics, but also enter the fashion stage with plenty of feel-good factor. After all, every handmade, unique piece has what it takes to become the wearer's undisputed favorite piece. And these should and may accompany us every day. We sometimes wear jewelry directly on our skin. It is therefore always more than just a mere ornament; it becomes part of our individuality. So when precious silver in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants goes about our everyday lives with us, it can also give us a good feeling, not just a breathtakingly beautiful design.

Sustainable jewellery - a unique piece of jewellery made in Austria

If you want to be beautiful, you have to be fair

In addition to sustainability and thinking about nature and its increasingly precious resources, we should not forget the people who play an important role in this chain of events. From the silver mine to our earlobes or our décolleté, the path of the precious metal is often not only long and rocky, it is also paved with exploitation, child labor, wage dumping and a life as a low-wage worker who is always exposed to high risks. Anyone who really wants to consume sustainably must not be afraid to question the beautiful appearance of beautiful things. Blood diamonds have long been a household name. But who says that mining in gold and silver mines is not at least as dangerous and brutal? Wouldn't it be an all-round good feeling to know that no form of modern slavery, no matter how disguised, is supported for jewelry that is handmade in Austria? Why not use recycled silver, which has no need to be ashamed of its origins - on the contrary. It couldn't be more of a win-win situation than breathing new life into old heirlooms, protecting the planet and not directly supporting any form of exploitation or child labor. Fair trade really does mean fair play for everyone involved.

Sustainable jewellery - if you want to be beautiful you should always be fair

Handmade unique pieces – design from today for tomorrow

We only have one world. Everything we take today is irretrievably lost for future generations. Every tree, every bush and every flower is our responsibility, whether we like it or not. So if we decide today - whenever possible - for the environment and against thoughtless, unlimited consumerism, we are providing for the future of future generations. This responsibility lies in the details and runs through countless areas of our lives. So why not focus on sustainability when buying beautiful things and little luxuries? Thankfully, the days when "eco" was synonymous with boring and old-fashioned are long gone. Recycled jewelry can be at least as stylish and trendy as any other. A big advantage: the environment and thus the future have been given appropriate consideration.

sustainable unique pieces | beautiful unique jewelry from today for tomorrow

Inspiration and possibilities: Of course endless!

Anyone who takes nature as a role model can only win all round. Nature is the undisputed master of design, innovation and, of course, sustainability. It is known that nature makes no mistakes and does not indulge in extravagances that are not justified somewhere. Creative areas such as jewelry design in particular need diversity in order to be able to create individual pieces of special value for each person. The creative process behind each unique piece of jewelry thus receives the backing of Mother Nature and still puts the person wearing it, i.e. the person, in the foreground. This connection is fundamental and of great importance, especially in leaf jewelry and natural jewelry. Artist and consumer practically shake hands when these individually made unique pieces change hands. Jewelry is not just a mere ornament. It becomes part of our personality and thus always reveals a piece of ourselves.

Sustainable jewelry - let nature be our example

Sustainable jewellery – beautiful, more beautiful, forever

Individually made pieces of jewelry from a single, responsible hand are gifts of special value. Their quality standards - locally handcrafted and fair - go hand in hand with the use of recycled silver and environmentally friendly processing in tune with the times.

Sustainable jewellery - beautiful, more beautiful forever

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