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Article: 7 unique gift ideas for Christmas 2023

7 einzigartige Geschenkideen für Weihnachten 2022

7 unique gift ideas for Christmas 2023

If you're already thinking about Christmas presents , you might be wondering, it's only October, there's still plenty of time! Every year we think that and then suddenly it's mid-December and Christmas is almost here and we still don't have any presents .

the sage leaf ring - a unique gift for Christmas

But you can also enjoy the pre-Christmas period much more relaxed if you start looking for presents now.

The special gift for your loved ones

In today's world, where less is more , where we may only want to choose one gift that is particularly loving and appreciative , it is often not so easy to find the right one. That's why I have put together a few unique ideas for you that are sure to bring great joy .

a golden sage leaf ring - the perfect gift for Christmas

1. Sage leaf ring

A wonderful eye-catcher and a particularly decorative one-off piece is the sage leaf ring. It is made from a real sage leaf and is therefore a very individual and unique piece of jewelry . The sage leaves grow in my garden in Altenberg and are lovingly cared for until I select them for a ring. Each of these rings is different due to the different and unique leaves. The sage leaf You can choose the ring in silver , silver gold plated or even bronze and it is guaranteed to be a wonderful gift that will bring great joy.

the poinsettia pendant - the perfect gift for Christmas

2. A leaf pendant from the real leaf

A real leaf becomes a unique pendant - a truly magical gift for Christmas. Give the gift of wearing nature!

You will find a wide variety of leaves here: such as birch , ginkgo , nettle , beech , etc. made into pendants in silver , gold or bronze . Choose the pendant based on its symbolic power or perhaps according to the tree horoscope , or simply let yourself be guided by your taste and intuition !

Sage leaf earrings in silver | a wonderful gift for Christmas

3. Leaf earrings | special eye-catchers 

For anyone who loves wearing earrings , the leaf earrings are just the right Christmas present ! Each of these stud earrings or dangle earrings is made from a real leaf . I always use opposite pairs of leaves to make the two earrings look very similar - but they are never completely the same, as each leaf is a beautiful, unique piece . The earrings are available in many different leaves: maple , lemon balm , eucalyptus , parsley ... just let yourself be inspired by the variety and find your own individual pair .

a flower ring | beautiful for Christmas

4. Flower rings | the memory of the flower meadow

A flower ring is also a wonderful gift . These unique, hand-made rings were inspired by large and small flowers and calyxes. You can find them in my shop in a variety of versions and shapes, with one, two or three flowers in silver or bronze . Some are very delicate and elegant on the finger, others are statement rings for that special moment.

a sage leaf bracelet | the unique gift for Christmas

5. Leaf bracelet | delicate companion for the day

For all bracelet fans, there is a leaf jewelry piece for the arm , either in the sporty version on a colored band, or more elegantly on a chain. Choose your favorite bracelet from the wide variety of leaf motifs.

a sea jewel | the perfect gift

6. Sea jewelry | a piece of summer for you

Give a piece of summer as a gift with a unique piece of sea jewelry. You can choose between a ring , pendant or earring , or you can find a whole set. The structures of the jewelry come from real shells and snails that I collected myself on my trips and vacations by the sea. They are memories of summer and the warmth on our skin. Isn't it a wonderful idea to give a piece of vacation as a gift?

Grass rings | beautiful for Christmas

7. Grass or cereal rings

A piece of nature for eternity - give the gift of serenity and security that comes over us when we are outside. A walk across a meadow next to a cornfield can work wonders after a stressful day and really ground you again. Give the gift of this feeling for everyday life. A grass ring brings back the feeling of lying on a meadow and letting the sun warm you. When you look at the grain ring you immediately remember a warm summer day , which is why it is the perfect gift for Christmas.

a lucky clover pendant | the unique gift for Christmas

There are still a variety of beautiful and unique gift ideas in my online shop that are waiting to be discovered. Be inspired by the various natural jewelry pieces and you are guaranteed to choose a gift that will bring enthusiasm and real joy.

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