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Article: The magical meaning of the beech leaf

Die magische Bedeutung des Buchenblattes

The magical meaning of the beech leaf

Do you know the feeling when you enter a forest and from one moment to the next the atmosphere around you changes? The sounds change, the light takes on a different color, the pleasant, gentle smell of the forest wafts through your nose. It's as if a calming blanket wraps around you and gives you peace.

The beech is our soul tree

The beech often plays a key role in this, as it is the most widespread and native tree in Central Europe. The beech is a very sensitive tree and does not like long periods of heat or persistent cold. It has tall and very smooth trunks that can even get sunburned if they are not planted together in a forest. This is why the beech forms very distinctive and leafy crowns in order to create dense shade for the forest floor and its trunk. 

Beech leaf pendant in silver

From a walk in the forest to the meaning of the beech leaf: Immerse yourself in the world of the beech and discover the depth of its symbolism with my handmade beech leaf pendants, available directly in our online shop.

Mythological meaning of the beech | a jewel from prehistoric times

Naturally, Austria and Germany would be 90 percent covered by forest areas. That is why the forest has a very deep meaning for us humans. Trees are the connection between heaven and earth and beech trees in particular, with their very tall, distinctive trunks, contribute to us seeing the forest as a symbol of faith.

Pure beech forests resemble temple halls or churches in their structure. The beech trunks form strong pillars and the crown with its leaves forms the ceiling arches.

Celtic Tree Horoscope

The beech tree also has a fixed place in the Celtic tree calendar - December 22nd is its day. This is the darkest day of the year, after this date the days become longer again. For the Celts, the beech tree was a very important tree in their tradition and so they made their runes from beech wood.

Beech leaf pendant in gold

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The simple elegance of the beech leaf

The most common type of beech in our latitudes is the common beech, its leaves are oval and can grow up to 10 cm long. The leaves have very slight serrations and the leaf veins are also very subtle. In autumn, the leaves of the common beech turn the most beautiful shades of yellow and red if there is enough water available. The leaves of the beech are also edible, especially in spring when they sprout they are perfect for adding to salads. Their taste is slightly sour and gives the dish a fresh note.

Healing leaves | the power of the beech

Fresh beech leaves cool the skin in the case of burns, swelling or sprains. Otherwise, the leaves do not have much significance in medicine. The ashes of the burnt beech trunks are used as fertilizer for the vegetable patch and potatoes in particular love this fertilizer very much.

Spiritual benefits of beech trees

The beech tree is considered a comforter of the soul and has the energy to dissolve unpleasant thoughts. Sit under a beech tree and lean your back against its trunk, or you can stand and hug the trunk of the beech tree and place your cheek against its bark. You will feel the calming effect, the clearing of your thoughts, you will simply begin to relax and simply let go of unpleasant and tense thoughts. The tree can help you to arrive back in the here and now and feel the lightness of life.

Just try it out, just for 10 minutes, and enjoy this new clarity in your head.

Beech leaf bracelet in silver

Discover the healing and spiritual power of the beech: In this blog article I tell you all about the versatile meaning of the beech leaf - and now you can experience this magic for yourself with my unique beech leaf pendants in the online shop!

The use of beech wood

Beech wood is very homogeneous and fine-pored, it is also heavy and very hard and therefore resistant. Beech is very popular as furniture wood. Beech trees can also live to be very old - up to 900 years or more - if you let them. Most of the time they only reach a fraction of these years, as they are cut down far too often for "economic" reasons. 

You should look for a book…

Do you also know this saying from your childhood? You should seek out beeches - you should avoid oaks? Which means that in a thunderstorm you should stand under a beech tree in the forest rather than under an oak tree. Unfortunately this is not true. This saying is a dangerous misconception which stems from the fact that beeches have a very smooth and uniform trunk down which rainwater can drain. If lightning strikes a beech tree, it can reach the ground along this surface of water. It is a little different with oak trees. Oak trees have deeply furrowed and barky bark, which prevents rainwater from draining down. Lightning cannot reach the ground via this layer of water and does so via the outer layers of the oak tree trunk. This means that with the oak tree you can see exactly where the lightning strike has occurred and the beech trunk is spared this visual mark.

Beech leaf pendant in silver

Active climate protection with an intact beech forest

Nature does it best and we just have to let it do it. Mixed deciduous forests with a main component of beech trees have existed in Europe for ages; they have been native here since time immemorial and can therefore adapt most easily to climate change. They would give us the chance to cool our climate permanently and reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere. If we simply let our forests be forests, we would also have fewer climate problems. Unfortunately, our forests have been managed and cut down for many years for industry, construction and heating. But forests are a crucial and active part of our climate and not a cheap raw material. They can also actively influence it on a large scale in terms of temperature and humidity. Less is more, let's just let the forest be the forest again; it was there before us and certainly knows better how to live.

Unique jewelry made from real beech leaves

The simplicity of the beech leaf radiates a unique elegance. My jewelry made from a beech leaf gives you a sense of security and allows you to relax. A beech leaf pendant allows you to find more serenity even on a hectic day. It grounds you and flows through you with its magic. Let yourself be enchanted and allow it to dissolve your heavy thoughts. Enjoy the pendant like a walk through the forest.

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