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Sage Earrings Lapis Lazuli Silver

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ONLY available once - unique piece of jewelry

nickel-free | very skin-friendly

Each piece of jewellery is unique

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Made from sustainable, value-stable materials

Sage leaf earrings with lapis lazuli gemstones in silver

Discover the natural beauty and powerful symbolism of my sage leaf earrings with lapis lazuli gemstones! This pair of earrings is unique, handmade from real sage leaves that are lovingly set in silver.

Sage leaves have always stood for purity and healing, and these earrings embody these qualities in an elegant way. They are complemented by two radiant lapis lazuli gemstones that are not only visually impressive, but also have a deep emotional meaning. You can also wear the lapis lazuli gemstone earrings alone, without the sage leaves

Lapis lazuli is known for its ability to strengthen friendships, promote truth and increase self-confidence. It promotes sociability and helps in dealing with conflicts. With these earrings you can not only show your personal style, but also bring positive energy and harmony into your life. Wear them with pride and let their powerful effect work on you.


Material recycled silver
Total length 65 mm Blade width 18 mm
Stud earrings 14 x 10 mm
Gemstone Lapis Lazuli faceted
handmade unique piece from a real leaf

Sage Earrings Lapis Lazuli Silver
Sage Earrings Lapis Lazuli Silver Sale price€360

The advantages of my jewellery

aus echten Blättern - einzigartige Schmuckstücke

made from real leaves

My jewelry comes directly from real leaves in nature. I let myself be enchanted by nature and create unique pieces that come directly from it.

This is how unique natural jewelry is created, lovingly and expertly made by hand. Each piece is a masterpiece that will delight you with its uniqueness.

einzigartige Färbungen der Schmuckstücke

unique colorings

I create different shades of color on the silver jewelry through a special process. The colors will last for a long time as long as you treat the ring carefully and keep it dry.

If you want to refresh the color, just send me your piece of jewelry. I will refresh the colors for free, you only pay the shipping costs.

Recyclingsilber Schmuckunikate

Recycled silver

I mainly use old silver. By using this recycled material, I am actively contributing to waste reduction and environmental protection.

Recycling silver saves energy and reduces mining and its negative environmental impact. As an environmentally conscious jewelry designer, nature is important to me and I am proud to do my part to protect the environment.

Ringgrösse ausmessen und den perfekten Ring bestellen

Measuring ring size

If you have found a ring in our online shop that you like but are unsure what size you need, you have come to the right place!

On this page I will show you various methods that you can use to easily determine your correct ring size. This way you can ensure that your new ring fits perfectly and that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Kundenservice - stell mir deine Frage

Customer service is important to me

Do you have any questions? You can reach me by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at +43 699 13327282 or around the clock by email at .

Don’t hesitate to contact me – I look forward to helping you!

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur | lebe deine Einzigartigkeit

Hello I am Gudrun

It is important to me that every woman wears a unique piece of jewelry

I understand that you are not looking for just any piece of jewelry, but one with a story. That is why I make unique pieces of jewelry from real leaves.

My dog ​​Buppi and I love running through forests and meadows. I collect the leaves that I then use to make your jewelry. Each piece of leaf jewelry comes directly from a real leaf. This is carefully crafted in my workshop into a unique piece of jewelry in recycled silver or gold.