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Article: Gift for Mother's Day | an extraordinary unique piece of jewelry

Geschenk zum Muttertag | ein außergewöhnliches Schmuck Unikat

Gift for Mother's Day | an extraordinary unique piece of jewelry

Mother’s Day: How many “thank you” fit into one day?

Are you one of those very lucky people who would win the competition to be the best mom in the world any time? Congratulations! Then you know how much we owe to our mothers. They are our first caregivers and ideally remain so for life. Even when they let us go and send us off into our own lives, the special bond between mother and child will last forever. Fortunately, someone has dedicated their own, very personal holiday to these people in our lives.

Mother's Day: How many "thank you" fits into one day?

Who invented Mother’s Day?

There are many myths and legends surrounding the invention of Mother's Day. Throughout history and depending on who you talk to, it is either dismissed as a marketing strategy by the economy or even as a former propaganda festival by the National Socialists.

It is certainly not too much to ask that we recognize the achievements of mothers at least once a year. If you, like me, can look back on a happy childhood, you probably think that every day should be declared Mother's Day, not just the second Sunday in May. Many countries in the world have chosen this day, but not all. The celebration can be traced back to ancient times.

A heart for the best mom in the world

In Greece and Rome, fertility rites around the goddesses Rhea and Cybele took place at the beginning of May. In Europe, all that remained of the pagan cult surrounding the Celtic Beltane festival on the eve of May 1 was the setting up of the maypole. The Catholic Church adopted these holidays - as well as Christmas - from these predecessor religions and promptly declared May to be the month of Mary.

We owe the celebration of mothers on a special day as we know it today to the women's movements that formed in the USA and Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. The fight for women's suffrage meant that motherhood and the reward for the efforts that mothers made every day around the world should also be recognized. The US Congress sealed this plan on May 8, 1914 with a resolution that declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day from then on.

a special gift for the best mother in the world

The special gift for special people

Those who once gave us life deserve lifelong gratitude and recognition. It therefore doesn't hurt to think of something extraordinary at least once a year. As children, we delighted our mothers with homemade gifts. As cute and sweet as that may seem, the focus is on the individually made gift that comes from the heart and is made with love. We should continue this beautiful tradition as adults. If you're not very good at it or simply don't have enough time for creative gift ideas from your own workshop, it's best to leave this task to the professionals.

handmade jewelry is an extraordinary gift for Mother's Day

Handmade jewelry as a perfect Mother's Day gift

A gift for mom that deserves that name? No problem! What ultimately sets presents apart is the care and dedication with which they are selected. Anyone who chooses a sustainably manufactured, unique piece has a good chance of great joy. In addition to rings , earrings or bracelets , one category of jewelry is particularly important: unique pendants that come from the heart and are worn close to the heart.

a jewelry pendant made from real leaf

A jewelry pendant as a unique gift

Gold , silver or bronze ? There is guaranteed to be something here for every taste, every style and every type. Handcrafted from the finest metals, these extravagant pieces of jewelry are sure to elicit a radiantly beautiful reaction from the recipient. Worn on short or long chains , leather or textile jewelry bands and unusual-looking chokers, pendants are versatile, elegant companions. If you want to honor the cycle of life on Mother's Day, take a cue from the cycle of nature.

Leaf pendant: natural jewellery with meaningful symbolism

Those who honor life also appreciate nature and its wonders. The change of seasons is symbolic of human life, which also consists of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The leaf is an imperishable symbol of this perpetual cycle. Even after it dries up and withers in autumn, it is returned to the soil as humus. Those who want to cast love in all its imperishability in the most precious metals choose the leaf as a symbol. Moreover, the probability that such an extraordinary piece of jewelry is already in mom's possession is slim.

What do trees and mothers have in common?

More than you might think. Botany has discovered an exciting phenomenon: how trees in the forest protect their young plants. If a small tree grows very close to its mother tree, it will give up some of the nutrients in the soil to give them to its offspring. But the way in which deciduous trees spread their branches has always seemed like a place of refuge to us humans. With their tree horoscope, the Celts laid an important foundation for our current understanding of nature. Different leaves and leaf shapes symbolize certain characteristics .

The gingko leaf as a pendant | a unique gift

Magic of deciduous trees in decorative form

A ginkgo leaf as a pendant not only shines because of its special and very characteristic shape. This tree species is one of the ancient plants and has been inhabiting our earth for an incredible 200 million years.

The elongated, tapered olive leaf exudes Mediterranean flair and, as a piece of jewelry, a very special, almost avant-garde charm.

the leaf of the olive made into a unique pendant

The linden leaf symbolizes pure love. It was not for nothing that it made the legendary hero Siegfried vulnerable to the betrayal of his loved one after he bathed in dragon's blood.

The linden leaf symbolizes pure love | perfect for Mother's Day

A pendant in the shape of a eucalyptus leaf adds an exotic touch to your jewelry box. Its rapid, vigorous growth made the eucalyptus the sacred tree of the Australian aborigines. It stands for power, health and strength.

It stands for power, health and strength.

In the Celtic tree horoscope, the characteristic oak leaf represents the spring equinox. Unyielding joie de vivre and resilience are the message of the oak leaf.

an oak leaf pendant | a unique piece of jewelry

The birch has always been considered a beneficial medicinal plant. For the Celts, it symbolized the summer solstice and thus the beginning of the harvest. Birch people are considered warm-hearted, gentle and convinced optimists.

The beech tree was highly valued by the Celts. It is considered the mother of all trees and queen of the forest. The beech leaf characterizes people as particularly creative free spirits who follow their own path.

The beech is considered the mother of all trees and queen of the forest.

Maple people are born in October. They are strong-willed personalities who combine intellect and warmth. The maple leaf is also a symbol of lifelong loyalty.

The maple leaf pendant | the perfect gift for Mother's Day

The poplar tree strives for higher things. Its branches constantly grow towards the sky, and people who have this tree symbol in their horoscope want to reach high in life.

The fig leaf has had to fulfill many functions throughout history. People born under the fig tree have strong personalities. They have a sense of humor and love to make big plans.

Fig leaf pendant made from real leaf

Resistant shrubs and climbing plants

Nature is known to be diverse and colorful. In addition to the foliage of trees, hazelnuts , everlasting ivy and promising vines also have visually appealing leaves that are ideal as jewelry pendants. If you like something special, give the hop leaf a chance for a stylish appearance.

handmade unique jewelry made from real leaves | perfect for Mother's Day

There is a beautiful herb for every person

Sage leaves with their pronounced leaf veins are not only an aesthetic highlight. Parsley , mint , lemon balm and nettle offer medicinal foliage that is also very beautiful to look at. Lady's mantle promises particular power. It is not without reason that it is one of the most effective medicinal plants for all kinds of women's ailments. The currant , strawberry and raspberry leaf are modest, but still shapely and presentable. Their leaves appear as individual as each person. As ornaments, they stand for closeness to nature, elegance and that certain something.

the lucky clover pendant is something very special

Poinsettia, rose petal and four-leaf clover

It wouldn't be nature if it didn't continue to surprise us with its magic. If you want to impress on Mother's Day with flowers and jewelry in one, choose pendants in the shape of a rose petal or four-leaf clover . In May, you would be ahead of your time with poinsettia leaf decorations. But you have to celebrate the holidays as they come.

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