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Article: All leaf types at a glance | small leaf knowledge

Alle Blattsorten im Überblick | kleine Blätterkunde

All leaf types at a glance | small leaf knowledge

What I particularly love about my natural jewelry is the uniqueness of all types of leaves: no two leaves are the same, each plant has its own personality traits. Take your time and look closely at all types of leaves: our ancestors liked to do this and recognized shapes. The heart-shaped leaf of the linden tree stands for love, or the evergreen leaf of the ivy stands for loyalty.

A little leaf science
all leaf varieties at a glance

Here I have put together an overview of all the types of leaves that I use for my jewelry. In addition to external characteristics, you will also find interesting information about the symbolism and tradition .

Enjoy browsing!


The large, five-part leaf of the maple tree is reminiscent of the human hand. A waving hand shows joy and openness, while a raised hand is used for defense. Therefore, since ancient times, the maple tree has stood for warding off evil spells, but also for happiness and lightheartedness.

When you wear a maple leaf piece of jewelry you are not only protected but also go through the day happily.

Maple leaf | small leaf science


The delicate, small birch leaves shine bright and green in spring. As this tree is one of the first to turn green in spring, the birch stands for spring and new beginnings. Birch branches are part of many spring festivals throughout Europe. So if you have big plans, a birch leaf pendant can give you strength and good energy for your projects!


The stinging nettle is not a popular weed, especially since it is painful to touch. This plant will fight back if you try to attack it! But the jagged leaves are full of good vitamins and minerals and are used in natural medicine as well as in spring cures for internal cleansing and to strengthen the immune system. So if you wear a stinging nettle leaf , you could be saying to those around you: I am someone who likes to help, but I don't put up with everything!

Nettle leaf | small leaf science

Blackberry leaf

Blackberries are now cultivated so much in gardens that there are even thornless varieties. But have you ever picked wild blackberries in the forest? The aroma is incomparable! It may seem strange to some people, but when I wear a blackberry leaf as jewelry , I immediately smell the pleasant, wonderful smell of the forest. And there is actually scientific evidence that the smell of the forest has a positive effect on our well-being.


I find the leaves of the beech tree incredibly aesthetic because they are so beautifully shaped: the edges are usually smooth, rarely jagged, and so perfectly teardrop-shaped that they look like they were painted. For me, the beech leaf represents beauty, even though the tree is traditionally associated with wisdom - but that can't hurt either. And in the event of a storm, the beech tree offers protection: "You should seek out beeches, but avoid oaks," as the saying goes.

A beech leaf pendant decorates you in a very simple and at the same time elegant way.

Beech leaf


The evergreen ivy is a popular cemetery plant and therefore perhaps associated with sadness for some people. If you turn the leaf on its tip, the shape is reminiscent of a winged angel, but sometimes also of a heart. And so ivy also traditionally stands for loyalty and can be a wonderful gift for a reliable, great friend, for example as a bracelet pendant . You can find out more about ivy in my very own article about the great properties of this great plant.


You can immediately recognize oak leaves by their bulges. They are unique and unmistakable, as well as firm and smooth. And so the oak is also a traditional symbol of strength and resilience. You may know the oak wreaths as a badge of honor for particularly brave deeds. In my eyes, oak leaves also stand for self-confident individuality.

An oak leaf piece of jewelry gives you strength and self-confidence - perfect as a lucky charm for your next challenges. If you want to know more about the oak leaf and its strengths, read on here.

Oak leaf | small leaf science


Is there a better harbinger of summer than the first fresh strawberries from the garden? The strawberry leaf, on the other hand, is rather inconspicuous: its three-part shape is reminiscent of a clover leaf, but the jagged edges say: Watch out, I can do things differently! Strawberry leaves are edible and are often added to tea blends. And for me, the strawberry leaf embodies all of this: it is a small, fruity, but also smart harbinger of summer.

Wear a strawberry leaf jewelry whenever you want to revive a piece of summer!


Eucalyptus leaves are small and round, and their scent is indescribable! We probably associate it with the cold season, as the essential oil is contained in many candies, lozenges and steam baths for coughs. I find eucalyptus with its bluish shimmering, smooth leaves simply beautiful, and as an evergreen plant, it has something faithful about it, like ivy leaves.

Eucalyptus leaves are said to relax you and promote communication, so wear your eucalyptus jewelry whenever you want to set out on brave days and feel the words flowing naturally from your mouth.


You can recognize a fig leaf immediately: Depending on the variety, it consists of three to seven fingers, is very firm and sometimes hairy. The fig tree stands for love and fertility, and you are surely familiar with the muscular, handsome male statues of antiquity who are dressed in nothing but a fig leaf - long live love!

Your fig leaf jewelry covers you and at the same time it skillfully brings your truth to light.

Lady's mantle

The small leaves of the lady's mantle look like a green flower: they can have six to ten bulges. The hairs make the leaves feel very soft. In addition to this shape, what I love most about lady's mantle are the dewdrops that lie like pearls on the beautiful leaves in the morning.

Lady's mantle is still one of the most important medicinal herbs in gynecology and has many wonderful properties. Therefore, a lady's mantle leaf piece of jewelry is just the thing if you are not feeling quite comfortable in your own skin and need the calm strength of this wonderful leaf to accompany you through the day.

If you want to learn more about the special features of the lady's mantle leaf, read on here.

Lady's Mantle Leaf


The ginkgo comes from Asia and has been revered there for thousands of years as a tree of life and immortality, but also as a tree of love and togetherness. Its special leaf is heart-shaped, wonderfully smooth and has a clear, straight vein structure. Unmistakable, exotic, beautiful!

The ginkgo leaf has so many wonderful properties, but when I wear a ginkgo piece of jewelry I always think of the indestructibility and durability of this tree that has been growing on our earth for millions of years.

In a separate article I have collected 9 things about the ginkgo tree that you might also find interesting.

Ginkgo leaf | small leaf knowledge

Ground ivy

In symbolic meaning, ground ivy represents strength and endurance. The plant often grows in secret, yet it persistently spreads. This reminds us that even the seemingly inconspicuous things in life can have enormous power and vitality. Ground ivy also represents connection and protection. As a ground cover, it forms dense carpets that protect and preserve the soil, similar to how we care for each other in our social relationships and families.

The earrings made from real ground ivy leaves , which are lovingly handcrafted in my workshop, carry this symbolic meaning. They remind us to recognize and use our inner strength, even if it sometimes seems hidden. Wear these earrings and let the beauty and meaning of ground ivy accompany you - a reminder that true strength lies in calmness and perseverance.


The chestnut leaf, with its distinctive fingers and vibrant color palette, is much more than just a leaf. It carries symbolic meaning and reminds us of the wonders of nature.

The chestnut leaf represents protection and luck. In many cultures it has been used as a talisman to ward off negative energies and attract good luck. The dense leaves of the chestnut tree offer protection from sun and rain - a reminder that we can also find shelter in difficult times.

The pieces of jewelry made from real chestnut leaves , which are carefully crafted in my workshop, carry this symbolic meaning. They are more than just pieces of jewelry - they are symbols of protection, luck and the beauty of nature. Wear the chestnut leaf pendant, ear studs or brooch and let the power of the chestnut leaf accompany you - a sign that you are protected and blessed, no matter where life takes you.


As we all know, you have to be lucky to find a four-leaf clover, but it's not impossible: one in 5,000 leaves is said to have four leaflets instead of the usual three. If you wear the lucky clover as a pendant , you don't have to search the meadows and you'll have luck on your side.

In this article I will tell you why you should definitely go and look for a four-leaf clover yourself.

Hazelnut leaf

Hazelnut bushes can grow as tall as trees if you let them, and the hazelnut leaf is also large compared to other bushes: the beautiful and clearly serrated leaves grow up to 13 centimeters long. They want to be seen!

According to the Celtic tree horoscope (March 22 to 31 and September 24 to October 3), the hazelnut is a symbol of wisdom. Even if you were not born in this time, the hazelnut worn as a piece of jewelry will bring you wisdom, tolerance and empathy.

Hazelnut leaf | small leaf science

Raspberry leaf

Raspberry is similar to blackberry: you can buy them in the supermarket all year round, but nothing is tastier and more summery than picking raspberries in your own garden in the morning. And raspberry leaves not only look good, they are also an aromatic ingredient in many types of tea. This is what summer feels like with a raspberry leaf adorning your body.

Hop leaf

You know hops as a good ingredient for a hearty beer, which is made from the cone-shaped fruits. I find the leaves of this plant interesting because they are not specific: three, four, five, up to nine leaflets can be on one leaf stalk. Individuality is very important here and that is exactly what I show with a hop leaf pendant around my neck.

Currant leaf

As small and modest as the red, black and white fruits of the currant are, the leaves of this garden shrub are just as inconspicuous and yet unmistakable: small, deep green, three-parted, that applies to many leaves - but I would recognize a currant leaf anytime and anywhere! There is something unique about its modesty that touches me and that I like very much.

Linden leaf

What the ginkgo is in Asia, the linden tree has been in Europe since time immemorial: our tree of love. The heart-shaped linden leaf, which shines so beautifully in light green in spring, has always been a symbol of lovers who promise each other their deepest feelings in the shade of the linden trees.

A linden leaf piece of jewelry exudes magic and makes your heart beat a little faster. It stands for love for life and for yourself and also for the people around you.

In a separate article I will tell you more exciting things about the lime tree and its leaves.

Linden leaf | small leaf science


The dandelion leaf, with its delicate spikes and bright green, is much more than just an ordinary plant. It symbolizes strength, growth and the beauty of change.

The dandelion is known for its ability to thrive in the most unusual environments. Its roots go deep and its leaves open to the sun every morning. These qualities make the dandelion leaf a symbol of strength and resilience.

A dandelion leaf ornament reminds us that we can stand our ground in any situation, just as a dandelion fights its way through the asphalt. It reminds us that great things can grow from small beginnings, just as a tiny seed can grow into a beautiful flower.

Wear a dandelion leaf piece of jewelry and be inspired by its symbolism. It reminds you that you are strong and resilient, that you are able to grow and change, no matter how adverse the circumstances. It is a piece of jewelry of hope and trust in your own strength.

Lemon balm leaf

Stomach ache, digestive problems, headaches and hangovers, sleep disorders and nervousness, heartburn, sensitivity to the weather - the lemon balm leaf is an all-rounder and helps against all these ailments when made into a tea. Reason enough to include the small, fine leaf with the wavy edge in my range of leaf decorations!

So a lemon balm leaf jewelry protects you from different things and puts a good spirit around you.


The small, oval leaves of the mint are not only pretty to look at, but also smell incomparably fresh. The mint leaf is a pleasantly cooling ingredient for drinks in summer. As inconspicuous as it may seem, the mint leaf carries a strength and positive power within it that is astonishing!


The olive is another "exotic" among my local leaf jewels. An olive leaf is narrow and elongated and has a strong, even structure. While we have long been familiar with olives and oil in our kitchens, it is hardly known that olive leaves have healing powers. It was already used in ancient Syria and Egypt to fight diseases. From the Bible we know the olive branch as a sign of life, which was brought to Noah by a dove on the ark. Olive leaves bring hope and health!

An olive leaf piece of jewelry brings health and Mediterranean flair to your day. If you want to know more exciting things about the magic of the olive leaf, read on here.

Olive leaf | small leaf knowledge


The aspen, a special type of poplar, has always been associated with fear: "trembling like an aspen leaf," as the saying goes. But if you sit under a poplar on a summer evening and listen to the wind whispering through the delicate leaves of these slender trees, you suddenly feel something mysterious and wonderful. It is as if the rustling of these leaves is telling a quiet song reminiscent of the gentle jingling of gold and silver necklaces.

The aspen, also known as the quaking aspen, shows us that in what appears to be weakness, there is often a hidden beauty. Its delicate leaves create a magical sound in the wind, reminiscent of the sound of jewelry. A piece of jewelry with an aspen leaf symbolizes the ability to transform fears and insecurities into something special, something as unique and precious as the sound of the wind in the aspen leaves. Wear such a piece of jewelry and remember that even in the seemingly difficult moments, there is a hidden magic that surrounds you and makes you stronger.


An inconspicuous kitchen herb as a decorative item? Of course! Parsley is much more than just an ingredient for potatoes and soups - its reputation as an insignificant herb does not do it justice. In fact, it is a real vitamin bomb and gives our bodies a boost in spring. But did you know that parsley can even help whiten our teeth?

But there is more. In the world of jewelry, I have discovered a very special connection to parsley. Its leaves, so multi-feathered and delicate, remind me of the delicate pages of a book filled with secrets and stories. When you look at a piece of jewelry with a parsley leaf , remember that it is not just about external beauty, but about the hidden power and meaning that lies in every detail. Just as parsley provides us with valuable nutrients, it can also be a symbol that there is deep wisdom and beauty in the seemingly simple things. Wear such a piece of jewelry and remember that true strength is often hidden in the finest details - just like in the delicate leaves of parsley.


A rose blooms in every garden, its scent plays a major role in every romantic scene - and the rose petal has its place in my jewelry collection! The delicacy of the rosy scent that seduces the senses is in fascinating contrast to the incredible strength and robustness of the jagged, dark green rose petal. In this unity of opposites lies a magical and tension-filled harmony.

The rose symbolizes love, passion and beauty - values ​​that accompany us in life. The intense colors of the petals tell stories of emotions, of moments of happiness and longing. But the leaf that protects and strengthens the flower reminds us that true beauty and strength often lie behind the scenes. A piece of jewelry with a rose petal can remind us that our own strengths and beauty are sometimes less obvious, but just as valuable. Wear such a piece of jewelry and keep the symbolic connection to the rose, to love and to inner strength alive in your everyday life.


You can recognize a sage leaf immediately: the unmistakable, bitter scent, the soft leaf surface and the bluish-gray color make sage a unique plant that I particularly love. The narrow, noble sage leaf with its extremely fine veins is therefore the secret queen of my leaf decoration collection.

Sage leaves are said to protect you from evil spirits and the dangling of sage leaf earrings is sure to make you happy. The sage leaf ring on your finger always reminds you that with every sage leaf a wish comes true. Have you ever bathed your feet in sage? Here I'll tell you why it's so good.

Sage leaf | small leaf knowledge

Tulip tree

In nature's garden, the tulip tree with its striking leaves presents itself as a unique work of art. The shape of these leaves is reminiscent of stylized tulips that sway gently in the wind and enchant us with their elegance. But the tulip tree has more to offer than just aesthetic beauty.

Its symbolism reaches deep into the meaning of the flower world. Tulips often represent love, prosperity and security. The tulip tree leaf conveys these messages in a subtle and natural way. It reminds us to appreciate love and the positive things in life. It encourages us to strive for prosperity, not only in material terms, but also in terms of mental and emotional well-being.

Wearing a piece of jewelry with a real tulip tree leaf lets us carry this symbolism with us, reminds us to find joy in the little things and strengthens our connection to nature. At the same time, each tulip tree piece of jewelry is unique, emphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of each person. Be inspired by the elegance of the tulip tree leaves and wear them as a reminder of the beauty of life and nature.


The gentle waves of the elm leaf remind us of calm waters and brilliant sunsets. This leaf is more than just a botanical curiosity - it carries a deeper symbolism that connects us to the elements of nature.

The elm leaf represents resilience and adaptability. The elm tree has endured for centuries, braving storms and adverse conditions. Its leaves represent this tenacity and will to thrive even in the most difficult circumstances. It reminds us that we too can rise to life's challenges, and that even in times of darkness and adversity, there is a hint of beauty and hope.

Wearing an elm leaf means more than just having an aesthetic accessory. It is a symbol of strength, inner calm and the ability to adapt. It reminds us that we can weather our own storms and that we will emerge stronger from them. Let the beauty of the elm leaf accompany you and remind you of your inner strength when you wear it.

willow leaf

The delicate curves and slight transparency of the willow leaf give it an almost dancing grace. But behind this ethereal beauty lies a deep symbolism that teaches us to be in the flow of life.

The willow leaf represents adaptability and flexibility. Think of the willows that grow along river banks. They bend with the wind and adapt to the movement of the water without breaking. Likewise, the willow leaf encourages us to adapt to life's changes and remain flexible. It reminds us that, like the willows, we can be strong without being rigid, and that we are able to adapt to circumstances without losing our essence.

Wear a willow leaf piece as a daily reminder of these teachings. It will remind you to vibrate in harmony with life's changes while maintaining your own strength. Let the graceful beauty of the willow leaf inspire you to embrace the flow of life and embark on the adventure of adaptation.

Christmas star

The leaves of the poinsettia carry a deeper meaning that goes beyond the festive season. They remind us of the light that shines in dark times and symbolize hope, joy and transformation.

The poinsettia, also known as Christmas star, blooms during the winter months, bringing bright colors to the cold season. Its leaves take the shape of a star, reminding us of the light of the stars in the dark night. They tell a story of joy and new beginnings while nature seems to be at rest.

Wear a piece of jewelry with a poinsettia leaf as a symbol of hope and renewal. Let it remind you that even in the most difficult of times, a ray of light of joy and new beginnings exists. The delicate leaves of the poinsettia remind us that beauty and inspiration exist even in life's frostiest moments. Wear this piece of jewelry as a sign of your own inner strength and as a reminder that even after the darkest nights, a bright morning will come.

vine leaf

The vine leaf is more than just a central figure in idyllic vineyards - it carries a deeper symbolism that takes us on a journey of abundance, growth and connection with nature.

A vine leaf represents the cycle of life and abundance. It reminds us that great growth can come from small beginnings - similar to how a delicate vine becomes a mighty vineyard. The leaf refers to the wealth of the earth and the connection between man and nature.

Wearing a piece of jewelry with a real grape leaf is like paying homage to the beauty and abundance of life. It reminds us of the importance of appreciating each moment and celebrating the growth we experience in our own lives. Just as a grape leaf twines and spreads, we too can grow and unfold to our potential.

A grape leaf jewelry piece is more than just a decorative addition - it's a reminder that we are part of a larger whole that is constantly growing and evolving. Wear it as a sign of your connection to nature, to the abundance of life, and as a reminder that every day is an opportunity for new growth and new adventures.

There are of course many more leaves and types of leaves and every year one or two new ones are added. Every now and then a new leaf catches my eye or a customer requests a leaf and I then make one that I then add to my range of leaves.

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