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Article: Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

Bianca von Naturespiritauraspray | die leichte Art der Selbstheilung

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

This interview with Bianca Aberle from Naturespiritauraspray is part of a series of interviews with women who feel as connected to nature as I do. I speak to different women and their approach to nature and life.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

Find harmony with yourself and awaken your inner doctor!

Please introduce yourself to us and tell us something about yourself and your career?

Hi, I'm Bianca and I work as a healer, medium and energy healer in my own practice. For almost 2 years I have been producing holistic energetic aids in the form of aura sprays made from wild herb tinctures.

I was born in Günzburg. But after many years I moved from Berchtesgadener Land to Füssen in Allgäu with my three children. The unique nature as well as the mountains and lakes are an integral part of this place and know no boundaries. Living where others go on holiday is unique and fantastic. Of course our animals Ella (dog) and Chilli (cat) are also part of it.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

What job did you learn?

I am a trained office clerk. It never really made me happy. When I was younger, I actually wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. To accompany and support people on their path to healing and being.

Have you always been interested in nature and herbs?

I was out in nature as a small child. That's where I was found. Either in the forest or in the meadows. When I was a child, my mom always told me about my great-grandmother. She was basically the "herb witch" in our family. Unfortunately, I never met her. At the age of 22, I started to study Bach flowers and classical homeopathy when my first child was born.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

You work with herbs and wild plants - why do you do that?

A very nice question. As a small child, I was already much more aware of the forces at work in nature. And after my daughter and I became very often and seriously ill and were for a long time, I read up and turned to a shaman and a naturopath. Both worked with the power of nature. Each in their own way. That was the beginning of my journey and I began to study energetics and my knowledge of the various alternative healing methods and aids, as well as to train as a naturopath. It was clear to me that the symptom has more to say and the root of the trigger lies somewhere else entirely. I have taken many courses in holistic healing over the last few decades. But I was still missing something from the bigger picture. So I was guided and ended up with Dr. Patricia Purker. I knew yes, now the time is right and I am training to be a wild herb teacher. My goodness, it felt like magic. I have finally come full circle. Because I always had the feeling that I was still missing something. That was the key to the big picture. Learning everything about the powers of nature. Their unique healing power and effect on all levels. So versatile and, above all, the call of their soul is like music to my ears.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

How did you come up with the idea of ​​combining wild herb knowledge with energetics?

For a long time I had a heartfelt desire to create something that accompanies and supports people on their path to healing. Since I have always worked on the subtle level and can hear, feel and see everything that has to do with energy, vibration and frequency, it was clear to me that if I did something, it should also be something for our subtle body. However, it should be versatile and have a deep effect, as well as have a unique individual effect and power on the mental state. For me, the greatest power lies in the creative power of nature. And each wild herb has such infinite power and a broad spectrum of effects on our body, mind and soul. They carry deep knowledge as well as unique subtle soul information within them.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

Why do you work a lot with plant roots?

I use every herb in my everyday life, but only the roots for my aura sprays. Why? I attended a root course, and that's when the cardoon root happened to me. It was my journey to my products. What can I say? For me, it contains all the pure, untouched and immaculate primal information that flows into our subtle body, right down to the cellular information in our DNA. For me, it stands for unity, purity, birth, unfolding, development, growth and life. We humans also came into being from a cell with our DNA and DNA information. They were pure and perfect. Over the course of our lives, however, we are enormously influenced by so much information that is not good for us, and in the process we lose our roots. And that's exactly what it's about: reconnecting with our pure and powerful roots.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

What does a “normal” day look like for you?

Oh dear, it's always different. First thing in the morning I drink a coffee. Nothing works without it. Then I get everything ready for my youngest son until he goes to school. And then I go out into nature with my dog. Run wherever it takes us. Nourish my senses and be flexible in my daily routine. I arrange my appointments in the practice according to what suits me. In the afternoon we usually pack up all the customer orders and then I just go with the flow as I please.

Do you enjoy being in nature?

Oh yes! I would love to just be out in nature. Sometimes 4-5 hours a day just aren't enough for me. Haha.

Do you also have a special favorite place or place of power - where do you like to be the most?

There are actually two places. One is in Berchtesgaden up on the Weinfeld. The other is in Bad Faulenbach near me in Füssen. If I could, I would have two places of residence.

Bianca from Naturespiritauraspray | the easy way of self-healing

Tell us a little about your mission and your nature sprays!

My mission is to convey to people that everything has an effect as well as an origin. And EVERYTHING that we are and that we take in is energy. If you consider that 95% of illnesses have a psychological origin, then we can change them. Everything is possible, I always say. It is my heartfelt wish that people reconnect with their own healing powers and with the power of Mother Earth. Form a symbiosis and reconnect their own rhythm and cycle with the power of nature and all creative energies.

We are energy, vibration and frequency. We once lived in harmony with nature and cosmic energies. My aura sprays are highly tuned energetic tools that consist of precisely these energies, vibrations and frequencies in order to release mental imprints and to reactivate and strengthen your own potential. How would it be if you became aware of this again?!

May my NatureSpirit Soul Light Aura Sprays reach all those people who want to connect with the help of Mother Nature and the all-encompassing creator energies in order to activate, open and promote their true personality as well as total holistic health.

Nature, herbs but also sustainability and organic are very much on trend these days - why do you think that is?

Many people are changing their minds and realizing that we cannot live without nature. And that it has the best things in store for us. This also includes a conscious and mindful approach and lifestyle.

Why do we long to be more connected with nature and to live simply?

I think that many people just want to slow down. And remember. Society demands a lot from all of us. Nature is our anchor, our life and nourishes us holistically through our senses. People are slowly becoming aware of their origins. Back to the roots. Which I think is totally brilliant. Life is more pleasant in simplicity.

Here you can find Bianca's website:
Here you can find Bianca's Intagram profile: @naturespiritaurasprays

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