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Article: Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

Marlies von Quendelgrün | mit Wildkräutern nachhaltig im Alltag

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

This interview with Marlies Resch from Quendelgrün is part of a series of interviews with women who feel as connected to nature as I do. I speak to different women and their approach to nature and life.

Wild herbs are multi-talented | simple, real and straight

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

Please introduce yourself to us and tell us something about yourself and your career?

Hello, I'm Marlies. I'm passionate about wild herbs and incredibly happy to have made this my profession.

As a wild herb expert, I pass on my knowledge of wild herbs to interested participants at workshops in the species-rich meadows and deep forests of the Mühlviertel, taking them on a short break in the species-rich plant world. I also pass on my knowledge of wild herbs and other green topics in online courses.

Where do you come from?

I can call both the beautiful Mühlviertel, more precisely St. Leonhard near Freistadt, and Linz my home.

What job did you learn?

I learned or studied two very nice professions – florist and landscape planner and architect.

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

Have you always been interested in nature and herbs?

My interest in nature was awakened in my childhood by my grandfather during forays through the forests and meadows of the Mühlviertel. After completing a horticultural college and studying at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, I have now spent half my life dealing with various aspects of plants and nature. My focus now lies on wild herbs.

You work with herbs and wild plants - why do you do that?

Quite simply: because they fascinate me. Wild herbs are able to grow under the most adverse conditions, produce beautiful flowers and artistic leaves and are (usually) still usable for us humans at the same time. They are simply there - growing and flowering without our intervention. They are real, simple and straightforward - that's what I like about wild herbs.

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

How did you come up with the idea of ​​passing on your knowledge?

Through a tutorial job at university, I discovered that I enjoy helping others learn.

At the first workshops on wild herbs, it was clear - this is my thing. Now I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and am happy when participants go home with added value and make their everyday lives more sustainable and greener with wild herbs.

What do you like about giving workshops on the topic of nature?

I particularly like the wow moments when participants realise how diverse, spectacular and at the same time simple plants and nature are. For example, participants are often amazed that the wood sorrel is able to fold its leaves together within a few minutes to protect itself from the rain. At the same time, the wood sorrel can be found almost the entire growing season and is also one of the tastiest wild herbs in our latitudes.

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

What does a “normal” day look like for you?

I like to start my day at 5 a.m. With a glass of water, preferably on the balcony, I plan my day and then I start working on the computer quite unspectacularly - answering emails and normal office organization. At 10 a.m. there is a coffee break, preferably with dandelion coffee. Then I usually continue with course preparations, packing orders, etc. I like to spend my lunch break outside with a lunch mainly of vegetables, sprouts and wild herbs - plant power for the afternoon to-do's. In the afternoon it is usually creative: content for social media & newsletters, course concepts, shooting pictures of plants, developing recipes, etc. I like to end the working day with a yoga class or in my vegetable garden - that also helps me to clear my head.

Do you enjoy being in nature?

Yes – I absolutely love being in nature as often as possible. Preferably in every season, at different times of the day and (usually) in all weather conditions.

At different times, different impressions of nature can be made in the same places – I really like that.

Do you also have a special favorite place or place of power - where do you like to be the most?

When I need to recharge my batteries or clear my head, I like to go into the forest and walk to places I've never been before. Simply to discover new things, gather new impressions and leave my familiar surroundings. I like to sit on a rock and look at the new surroundings. So I don't have a fixed favorite or power spot, but I'm constantly rediscovering these places for myself.

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

Do you have a recipe for us that we can easily recreate even as “inexperienced” people and that supports our natural health?

My favorite wild herb smoothie is super simple and quick to make:

🌿 a handful of wild herbs of your choice e.g. yarrow, chickweed, nettle and daisies

🌿 200 ml apple juice

🌿 two slices of organic lemon

🌿 a banana

Roughly chop the wild herbs, lemon slices and banana. Then put all the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Finally, pour the smoothie into glasses and garnish with a yarrow leaf or a daisy.

Nature, herbs but also sustainability and organic are very much on trend these days - why do you think that is?

I think a lot of people are surrounded by so much technology and so many complex tasks that the complete opposite is very much appreciated at the moment. Just being out in nature and not knowing who might have called and not rushing from one appointment to the next.

Furthermore, nature, organic food and wild herbs are simple, fairly easy to grasp and real. It doesn't take much to admire a wild herb blossom - you just have to sit and observe and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I also convey this in my workshops, which take place in our meadow in the middle of nowhere - there isn't much there (no cell phone reception either ;)) and yet we can spend ages looking at the plants that are there.

I also think that people are turning to organic food and sustainability because they are now realizing how important this is for us humans, but also for our environment. For example, the intention of many participants in my natural cosmetics and soap workshops is to provide their families and themselves with sustainable, organic and (micro)plastic-free care products.

In general, from my point of view, it can be said that many people have a great deal of knowledge and awareness about these topics and this is now being integrated step by step into everyday life.

Marlies von Quendelgrün | sustainable everyday life with wild herbs

Why do we long to be more connected with nature and to live simply?

I think it is the calming effect of nature that triggers our longing. For a long time, our ancestors lived in and with nature and, from our perspective today, a simple life. Our everyday lives are characterized by many appointments, artificial environments and complex tasks, so in my view people long for the peace and simplicity that they can find in nature.

On Marlies’ website, and on Instagram at@quendelgruen , you can find further information about our wild herbs.

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